Monday, March 16, 2009

Angels top Giants 8-5. Scottsdale is nice to hang out.

The Giants bullpen blew this one. The Angels looked just the opposite as they did yesterday. They played good ball. We had good seats, except we had some dude right behind us that talked way too much and was on his cell phone loudly.

We parked in the public parking right next to the park for free and walked old town Scottsdale. We went down McDowell right though to I-17 and avoided the I-10 traffic. We hit up the Fatburger on the way back to the hotel. I had their King burger fully loaded (Largest) and onion rings. Still was hungry. May have to go to the bar and snack later.

The Ramada Limited here in Glendale is pretty nice considering the price. ($73 a night in Phoenix is a steal.) The Internet service is sporadic on the side of the building we are in. But it has a full blown Breakfast buffet. Got to weigh the good with the bad.

Robin only whined about my driving once today. I can live with that.


Rambo said...

Be careful with that snackin'. You will end up like me having to stick a syringe in my belly three times a day and stick my finger numerous times.

Anonymous said...

Keep on eating Biggie. Arizona has Dairy Queens, A&W burgers, Sonics, Popeyes Chicken, In-N-Out...

The list goes on Biggie. Eat, eat and eat some more.

Anonymous said...

You shut your fucking face!

Rambo said...

What a nice comment