Monday, March 09, 2009

US taxpayers subsidizing pro basketball?

How does this happen and when will it stop? JP Morgan and Bank of America each received around 20 Billion dollars in federal aid and now are set to help bail out the National Basketball Association (NBA) 200 million dollars! How is this creating jobs? There are no new teams adding more players. The average NBA Salary is 2.6 million dollars per year! The NBA Average Ticket Price is $50. Add parking, a beer and hot dog and you evening is at least $125 for two! The NBA created this mess and they want a hand out? Do we really need to subsidize the NBA? Good Grief.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it will trickle down and the Blazers will actually get good. Course that aint happened since they had Big Bill

Anonymous said...

If only the rest of us had a union as strong as pro athletes. We'd be paid for producing instead of entertaining.