Saturday, February 08, 2020

123 Bald Eagles chillin at Trinity Lake last weekend!

Tom Stienstra of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about 123 Bald Eagles at Trinity lake last week. I don't know how abnormal that is from decades past but that is awesome for right now! Shasta Lake also has higher populations. Any observers for Ruth Lake?

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Best CR Basketball Team of All Time? Maybe. 15 all time CR players.

This is a weird CR Basketball team led by first year coach Ryan Bisio. They have 4 Freshman starters from last year's Fortuna Huskies squad with Sophomore Thomas Nelson filling out the starting lineup from Arcata High. All of the starters can handle the ball and shoot three pointers. Zach Claus has great court vision and is a very dependable point guard. They seem to have problems closing defensively down low, and lack a serious low post game. They play a kind of a lackadaisical controlled chaos type of ball. Very enjoyable to watch.   

Only two players off the bench play significant time, Freshmen Isaac Puzz and Anthony Stubbs from McKinleyville. Puzz is shooting nearly 47% from 3 point land and plays high energy. Stubbs was trying to be a post up target to no avail. Nice to see so many locals.

This team has a chance to go 22-4 going into the playoffs! Good to see big crowds at the CR gym. Easy to get in and out of.

Isaac Puzz

Top Local CR Basketball players of all time: 

15. Tim Pratt (EHS)
14. Justin Claus (Fortuna)
13. Bryce Rose (EHS)
12. Colt Matthews (EHS)
11. Jeff Nielsen (EHS)
10. Blaine Lopez (DN)
9. Rich Spinas (EHS)
8. Dave Norton (EHS)
7. Marcus Price (EHS)
6. Kevin Krause (SB)
5. Drew Gillette (Fortuna)
4. Mike Peterson (EHS)
3. Zach Barnes (SB)
2. James Slade (Ferndale)
1. Issac Gildea (McKinleyville) 

Comments? Anyone you could think of to add? 

Monday, January 13, 2020

North Coast Rail Authority meeting today at Humboldt BOS chambers at 10:30am.

The North Coast Rail Authority is meeting in the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors chamber at 10:30am with lots of discussion concerning trails. The public is welcome after being frisked at the door!

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Future home of Murphy's Market and Samoa to grow by 150 by November 2020.

This will be the future home to Murphy's Market in the next few years in Samoa. There will also be a gas station according to town owner Dan Johnson in his latest update to about 30 residents.

This year 2020 there will be the Phase one opening of a new affordable housing complex on Vance ave. This will include a new secondary sewage treatment plant that will be hooked to the Old Pulp Mill Outfall line. Then all houses on on Vance avenue will be hooked up to new sewage and electrical lines from the new apartments to the Samoa Gym. This should be finished by November. (The softball field will get new lights, but not until phase 6 down the road.) Then the Houses (Including my Brown one below) on Rideout St. and Sunset Ave. will also have new utilities. The 60 houses should be put up for sale, but not before they are upgraded to be able to garner home loans.

The new Community Service District will start their formation and start collecting revenues in about a year and half and be functional on their own in 3 years.

The next phases of new construction should take the town to over 1,000 residents in about 4 years.

New plots of property should be available to check out in about 6 months. The timeline for the town of Samoa is going to move quickly now. 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Cliff Berkowitz get early 5% lead in the 1st, Rick French in 2nd and Mario Fernandez as Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee member in 4th District. They all won the ballot placement Drawing.

Ballot placement is a very significant part of the election process. Sometimes it really causes havoc in an election. A candidate can get a 5% boost just being placed first on the ballot. In elections where the voter does not have a clue who or what they are voting for such as judges and party committees it becomes problematic when people just vote for the person with the first ballot placement. Now if you do want to drill down to the most qualified candidates, might I suggest Eric Kirk's blog about a week before the election. But in any case, here is the ballot placement for the March election according to the Random Alphabet Drawing done by the State:

1st District Supervisor

1. Cliff Berkowitz
2. Rex Bohn

2nd District Supervisor

1. Rick French
2. Estelle Fennell
3. Sean Devries
4. Michael McKaskle
5. Michelle Bushnell

Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee 4th District

1. Mario Fernandez
2. Robert (Bob) Service
3. Pam Service
4. Kathy Sobilo
5. Richard Marks
6. Christopher Musgrave

Friday, December 06, 2019

New Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee members. 4th District up for election. Deadlines extended because of Incumbents not filing. Mike Wilson unopposed in 3rd District for Supervisor. HCDCC to have endorsement meeting 12-11. Bring the popcorn.

The filing period for the Humboldt Primary Supervisory Districts is up as well as the filing deadline for the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee and other party elected. For the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Districts the deadline is moved to Wednesday December 11th at 5pm because each of those Districts have Incumbents who did not file.

In the 3rd Supervisor District Mike Wilson had no opponent and will serve 4 more years.

In the 1st District Incumbent Rex Bohn will run against Democrat Cliff Berkowitz,

And in the 2nd District, Democrat Incumbent Estelle Fennell has 4 opponents. Republican Michelle Bushnell, No Party Preference candidate Michael P McKaskle, Democrat Rick French and Democrat Sean DeVries.

There will be an election for the 4th District Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) There are 4 positions available but 6 candidates. (Samoasoftball) Richard Marks, Bob and Pam Service, Kathy Sobilo, Mario Hernandez and Christopher Musgrave. So there will be an election for these seats on March 3rd.

In the 1st District the HCDCC members will be Stuart Altshuler, Leslie Ester, Bill Burns and Helene Rouvier. This deadline is extended to Wednesday December 11th at 5pm because an Incumbent did not file.

In the 2nd District the HCDCC members are Chris and Bruce Will and Dan Kelley. This deadline is extended to Wednesday December 11th at 5pm because an Incumbent did not file.

In the 3rd District the HCDCC members are Tom Sokolowski, Barbara Carolan, Pam Cahill, Sheryl Esparza, Geoffrey "Lizard" Robinson and Rita Carlson. This deadline is extended to Wednesday December 11th at 5pm because an Incumbent did not file.

In the 5th District only Michele Walford and Suzanne Cook filed all the correct paperwork. There are still 3 at large positions available. This deadline is extended to Wednesday December 11th at 5pm because an Incumbent did not file.

Lots of new HCDCC members. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work! This is a working committee!

The HCDCC Endorsement meeting will be Wednesday 12-11 at 6pm at 527 4th St. Eureka.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Off Shore Wind Energy looks to be on schedule!

I attended the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) Offshore Wind Project Stakeholder Workshop last week. 

Why the interest for wind energy off of Humboldt Bay?

·       The North Coast has World Class off shore wind resource

·        Technology is now available and affordable

·        Demand to De-carbonize California

·        Potential hub for assembly  revitalizing the Humboldt Bay Harbor

There is a partnership between the RCEA and Principal Power to assemble 10-15 wind turbines and place them on floating platforms 25 miles off shore in water 600 to 1,000 feet deep and anchors to the sea bed and create 120 to 150 Mega Watts of power.  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) put out Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in 2018 and already possesses site control. The Power Purchase Agreement would happen in 2022 and the build out in 2025.

In 2020 the bidding process will happen. This entails an auction up for the highest bid. I identified myself as an employee of CIFAC and asked how this process would actually work. It seems this is a federal process that the BOEM would control and they want the maximum monies they can garner.

The Humboldt Fisherman’s Marketing Association Vice President said the fishermen are willing to be part of the solution process although they said they were the most regulated fisherman on the west coast. They wanted to focus on community benefits and having a say in the fishing territories but staying proactive.

I did ask where they were with the PLA process and they publicly said they were in negotiations.