Sunday, October 16, 2016

North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) Operator reports update!

The Operator for Northwestern Pacific Corporation (NWPco) is represented by former Congressman Doug Bosco and he had some interesting updates on freight news for the NCRA rail. Doug said there was escalating interest in goods movement and announced that they were close to an agreement with Innovative Molding caps. (They make plastic caps for many products.) There would be the need for a rail spur to the factory near Rohnert Park at the cost of $600,000. Of that expense SMART is liable to $400,000 per an agreement for rights for rail use, but SMART might fight that in the end.

Mendocino Forest Product wants to use the rail for freight. They feel it could be cost effective if they could trans-load in Windsor or Petaluma. Humboldt Redwood would be a future target. “Willits is our dream for trans-loading,” Doug said, noting that was not a pipe dream.  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I met the Cannabis Boogeyman at NCRA Meeting!

At the latest North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) meeting held 10/12/16 in Healdsburg I was introduced to Paul Trouette, the CEO of Lear Asset Management. (I am one of the 9 Directors for the NCRA.) This outfit is the absolute nightmare of trespass cannabis growers all over Northern California. They use helicopters and 20 paramilitary staff to eradicate or destroy illegal cannabis farms and arrest grow “Operatives.” 
Lear is expanding their services to include dealing with chromic trespassing of NCRA right away properties and is creating a Business Improvement Association (BIA) for about 542 property owners along the NCRA corridor between Willits and Arcata. Mr. Trouette reported that Lear has only eradicated about 140 plants along the NCRA properties and was focused more on trespassers such as Foreign Nationalists who are on the North Coast on a short time basis camping illegally. Can you say “Trimmigrants?”  

Lear is a “Private Security Contractor” with working ties with pretty much all law enforcement agencies in Northern California. 

Interesting meeting to say the least.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What happened to adult league basketball?

When I started out working in the Louisiana Pacific (LP) Sawmill in the 70's, I was asked to come out play in the mill basketball league on Saturdays. It was full of teams from Simpson, LP, Schmidbauer and other businesses related to forest product. There were also basketball leagues in Scotia, Fortuna, Eureka, Arcata, Blue Lake and Korbel. (Not to mention HSU) Lois Busey ran the LP league until the 80's. Then the city of Eureka decided to do a fall league for just 30 and over players. That left a hole for players under 30, so I ran the LP Fall Ball open league. We always seemed to be full and had spirited basketball for years. At one time I played in the Arcata, Eureka Rec and Church Leagues, Korbel, Samoa and tournaments to boot. Now you are limited to just Eureka. There are only 7 teams. About 70 players participating. I had more than that in the Samoa LP league! I know we have more people in the county now than in the 80's and 90's. Is adult recreation just not popular or is the opportunity lacking?

Monday, October 10, 2016

NCRA makes SF Chronicle.

North Coast Rail Authority is in the news for storing fuel on tracks. Well within their rights and done all over the east bay. It is more of a territorial war between SMART and the NCRA.
Love this quote, “The only authority (of SMART) is to dispatch the trains … to tell us whether or not the coast is clear,” said Mitch Stogner, executive director of the North Coast Railroad Authority. “It is not the freight police.”

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Humboldt County Democrats support Measure "V" meet this Wednesday Sept. 14th.

The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) recently endorsed Measure V for fair fees for Mobile homes. A Resolution in support of Measure P creating a True Ward system for Eureka will be considered for endorsement at the next HCDCC General meeting on September 14th at 7pm at their headquarters at 129 5th St. in Eureka. Endorsement for candidates of Eureka and Arcata City Councils will also be on the agenda. All Democrats are welcomed to attend.  Check out HCDCC website for more information.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

North Coast Rail Authority comes to Humboldt Bay Harbor!

The North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA)will be meeting this Wednesday September 14th at Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District headquarters at 601 Startare Drive on Woodley Island, Eureka. The meeting starts a 10:30am and all of the public is welcome. The NCRA usually meets at the Humboldt County Courthouse, but that was not available.

A couple of items of Humboldt significant to Humboldt will be:


1. Hum Bud Collective, Jennifer Finch– Possible Purchase and/or Lease Agreement for Development of Blue Lake Property on Glendale Drive

2. Humboldt Health & Human Services, Harriet Hill- Arcata Homeless Site Security Plan

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jimmy Walker best stock car driver ever at Redwood Acres? How about Fergie?

I was having breakfast the other day with a couple of local stock car aficionados. The discussion came up about the best drivers all time that races at Redwood Acres. It is a slam dunk that Jimmy Walker was the best and most popular. Other names thrown out there were Don Hood and Hershel McGriff form out of town.

My personal favorite was Fergie Ferguson as he lived down the Marsh road in Myrtletown and his stepson Rick was my best friend growing up. We would spend lots of time watching Ferg work on his #21 car. He used to pull his 283 Chevy motor out of his work truck on weekends to put into his 57 Chevy to race on Saturdays. Were talking about late 60's and early 70's. Those were the days........