Monday, May 11, 2020

When will Adult Softballers take the field? Seniors?

Softball Guys:

Here is what is happening with a little luck and hope around us in the softball world in Northern California:

Fortuna: Starting middle of July if allowed.

Eureka: No adult softball league in 2020. Canceled season!

Blue Lake: Canceled until further notice. 

McKinleyville: Mid August start for CO-ED if allowed. 

Arcata: Closed until further notice. League is doubtful. 

Samoa: Field is unplayable until Pine Tree rounds and wood removed. The Samoa Fire Department will be removing the wood for Samoa residents in phases. I will be doing some of the hauling to needy residents. The field will need lots of elbow grease but will be in the best shape ever thanks to Tom Marking! League in July I feel in the earliest.

Crescent City: They plan on playing league in early July if restrictions lifted.

Medford: US Cellular will be opened when the appropriate phase lifting their ban. Oregon Governor Kate Brown says at least until September! 

Now including Senior reality check: 

It looks like our senior softball league is going to be phased in at the 4th stage. We are just entering the 2nd phase and there are many bumps and bruises along that way. 

Phase 3 will allow church and other social distancing events that are not athletic. I will predict that this phase will start in about a month from now. Note that many of these phases have medical monitoring associated that will affect the timelines.

Phase 4 is basically back to real life and the allowed competitive athletics portion. This will probably not happen until the fall I am afraid.  

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Updated Humboldt COVID Chart Simplified.

Here is the updated chart for Humboldt COVID cases and here are some facts:

1. By Month there was: 1 recorded case in February, 20 in March, 33 in April, 3 in May.

2. Out of the 57 total 54 have recovered, 3 are active and 5 had to hospitalized.

3. There have been 3,043 Humboldt Residents tested. 2.24% of the Population. Public health has tested 1,190 and other lab tests accounted for 1,053.

4. Out of the 3,043 tested, a total of 1.87% were positive. They were traced to 20 by Travel, 24 contacted by people with virus, 11 Community contact and 2 under Investigation.

Let us hope we keep the numbers minimal through these phased return process.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

COVID causes Arcata to cut back $300,000 on one Construction project. How many jobs can the economy lose?

I work for the Construction Industry Force Account Council (CIFAC). (CIFAC) is a non-profit coalition of concerned construction industry associations, contractors and labor unions that works to ensure State and local governments’ compliance with the Public Contract Code (PCC). As a Regional Compliance Manager I make sure that State and local governments comply with the PCC to promote job opportunities, fair bidding and transparency.

The City of Arcata had a grind out and paving bid that was to be awarded to a contractor for $348,186 but the actual low bid was $609,000. Arcata decided to rebid the job with a new scope of work to match their budget. The city had lost revenue from gas tax shortfalls. Arcata staff asked me this, “Is CIFAC coming across this very much in other city and counties where COVID related revenue reductions are affecting construction jobs and bidding process?” I contacted my fellow Regional Compliance managers around the state and they said they were experiencing the same. I am now tracking the loses. 

Here is a comment from a Southern California Compliance Manager, "Some of the effects of COVID-19 will be silent, meaning that some agencies will just be postponing putting out projects for bidding right now. The downward loss of City revenue from local taxes and gas tax for transportation projects, will be effected, however, there is still some funding earmarked to be spent, that will happen for the balance on the 2020 year, some tied to grants, matching funds, federal funding, SB-1, etc., those projects will be completed, but going forward, agencies will be revising their budgets for the 2021 year, so I don’t believe that we will see the real effects of the COVID-19 until 2021!" That is a scary forecast!

California lost 11,600 construction jobs to COVID in March of 2020. This bounces through the each communities economy and has caused much financial damage. How much? That is all for the future to decide. 

Sunday, May 03, 2020

No Buffets? Now that is the last straw! Or piece of pizza if you will. Best past Eureka buffets.

No Buffets! You have got to be kidding me! What am I supposed to look forward to in the future. No softball. No hoops. No gathering of buddies and now this? I hate you COVID-19! Here are my favorite past Eureka buffets. It was good knowing ya!

1. Hometown Buffet-Oh I knew ye well. Stack that meatloaf on the potatoes and fish! Go back just one more time! 

2. Jalisco's-If you never had a chance to go there, you were missing the best quantity of Mexican food around! 

3. Kings Table-My son Jordan would grab his favorite Jello food group color only, but it didn't matter! Cheap grub and lots of it!

4. Angelo's Pizza-Say it aint so Angelo's! Just one more wing before I go hit up the cinnamon rolls!

5. Yin Cheng-Long gone but not forgotten.

6. Round Table-Even if I have to endure the heartburn afterward. It was worth it! 

7. Red Lion Sundays-I think it was the only time that anyone went to their restaurant. 

8. Sizzler-May not have been that great, but lots of it!

9. Kentucky Fried Chicken-You mean I could have the Crispy and the original? And any amounts of gravy and biscuits? Bring it back! Bring it Back!

10. Sweetriver Saloon-This was high living for us Marks family. No jello here Jordan! Go for the solid food! Pile it on Jake! You mean they will make my omelet to order? Whoa. Heaven on earth! 

Which on was your favorite? 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Please don't lay COVID fear mongering on me! Here is a visual fact! Good job Humboldt!

1. Humboldt had its first case of Corona virus reported on February 20th.

2. There were no new reported cases until March 20th. Almost a month!

3. On March 25th we started baring the brunt of the travelers who came home to Humboldt with the disease. Who is to blame for letting people fly into Humboldt? They had the right to come home.

4. On April 2nd we reach a peak of 9 cases in one day. All traced to traveling in groups as best as we can figure.

5. On April 6th we have 5 cases, then the trend roles down hill.

6. From April 7th to April 24th we have only 4 new reported cases. 53 cases in total confirmed 9 community transmitted. Only 3 have not recovered. The rest were travelers and other.

7. Humboldt has "Flatten the curve" pretty well. Check out the graph. 

We have been inundated with information and modeling that predicts death and destruction. I am not sure that is healthy in the long run. Instead of Humboldt getting, "Hey good job you all!" we hear nothing but the doom and gloom. 

So I am hear to tell you, "Good Job Humboldt!" May we all get back to some sort of normal soon.

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

COVID 19 reading if you don't have list already.

These are the last 7 books i have read recently.  Right now I am reading a philosophy type novel Tom Robbin's Skinny legs and all. I am also indulging on Thunderstruck by Erik Larsen about World War I era in England.

Just finished Blood Drenched Beard by Dan Galera. One of those books that you have to reflect on. Great Story telling. Love but no love, redemption where there is none, courage to the point of dumb. Lost found but not appreciated. A bunch of philosophical tie ins. Worth the trudging. But I will give it 4/5.

John Steinbeck- Grapes of Wrath. Still waiting for a hero long after I read. Just sad hard times. Grateful to not have been on this trip. This was a very hard read. A classic that I will give 3.5/5.

John Jakes-American Dreams. Love, hate, hope and passion both good and bad. I just love everything Jakes. Now this is an easy read. A romp actually. I give it 4.5/5.

Kim Edwards-The Lake of Dreams. And it just might put you to sleep too. Just a messed up young lady you just can’t feel sorry for and thin story-line. I give this read a 2/5.

Michael Chabon-The Final Solution. I loved Kavalier and Clay. This was a good quick read with lots of turns but at the end no real surprises. I will give it a 3/5.

Jack Finney -From Time to Time. I thought I would love this book. I barely tolerated. Just could not be convinced of the premise. So it had a hard time keeping me interested. Way too much historical detail to say the least. I will say it is worth maybe 2/5.

Elmore Leonard-Out of Sight. Caught my attention, hoped for the best all of the way through but knowing how it would end. I did enjoy, but not outstanding. I give it 3/5.

Monday, March 09, 2020

Greatest Humboldt D1 Softball Player ever. Hailey Dolcini. Baseball? Rick Lundblade.

Former Fortunan Huskie pitcher Hailey Dolcini recently pitched Nationally #25 ranked Fresno past #3 Texas. Hailey leds the Bulldogs with a 10-1 record this year. No other Humboldt County native has put up anywhere close to these types of numbers in Division 1 softball. She is currently 42-17 for her career with around a 2.00 era. 

But who is the best male Division 1 player all time out of Humboldt. Again, not close. Rick Lundblade played for Stanford from 1982 to 1985 and was MVP of the league in 85' when he hit 25 home runs and had 92 RBI's topping Barry Bonds that year. He is listed as one of Stanfords all time starting lineup and is in the Hall of Fame. Overall Rick hit 42 home runs in college and was drafted by Philadelphia and made it to Triple AAA. Rick is currently an attorney in southern Oregon. 

So there you have it. Hailey the best women's college softball player ever from Humboldt, Rick the greatest college baseball player.