Saturday, September 26, 2020

Here is the candidate Ballot placement for November local elections. First one named has about a 5% head start!

Who are these candidates? If you are not clear, the first one listed is favorite or has 5% head start from being listed first. That is the way many studies show. But for our local elections? We shall see. Here is how the candidates will be listed this November: 

For the 2nd Supervisor district

😯 Bushnell

😯 Fennell

For the 2nd Ward Candidates in Eureka

😯 Shirley

😯 Moulton

😯 Jager-Wentworth

😯 Jackson

For the 4th Ward Candidates in Eureka

😯 Bauer

😯 Tuttle

😯 Owen

😯 Morgan

😯 Welsh

Arcata City Council

😯 Atkin-Salazar

😯 Zapata

😯 Goldstein

😯 Peterson-Jones

😯 Pitino

😯 Schaefer

😯 Matthews

😯 Yeo

😯 White

😯 Winkler

Monday, September 07, 2020

"United we Bargain. Divided we beg!" Labor Day without BBQ is bummer.


Blast from the past. No Labor Day picnic this year at Sequoia park. Usually there are hundreds in attendance and lots of food donations for the community. No chance for local labor candidates to stump either.  Another Covid bummer. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hey Juan Barnstormers! The strongest foundation in Slow Pitch Softball in Humboldt County History! Greatest of all time?


This pic is from 2004 if I am not mistaken. This team has been playing together in one form or another since the 70's! Nowadays they have many sons of the players who have continued the legacy. I have been playing against these guys forever! There is no other team in the county that can claim they have won tournaments in 5 different decades! that's right! 70's, 80's, 90's 00's, 10's. And get this, they were considered one of the favorites to win Blue Lake spring league this year 2020! (It took a pandemic to stop them.) This team is and had been made up of doctors, lawyers, biologists, farmers, teachers and actors. And there is no other team that I have seen that had each opponent's attention every game! "We are playing the Barnstormers today, we have to be on our game! Oh man, they are already here taking batting practice!"  

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Has COVID interrupted Freedom Of Speech?

Thank God for Ray Hamill and his reporting Humboldt Sports. I do subscribe to the Time Standard and it amazes me that they are choosing to not update the Legion baseball action. The Eagles are having an wonderful season with lots of intrigue and personalities. And I am just talking about the parents! This is a special group that has been penalized by a virus they can't control. But why the limited press exposure from the TS? Who is making that decision? Just sad. But thank Ray for at least giving us normalcy in our life. 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Humboldt COVID numbers don't look so good anymore. Should we put step on brake or gas pedal?

As of 6/26/20 Cases by Contact        74 or 57.36%
By Travel                                            27 or 20.93%
Community                                        23 or 17.83%
Under Investigation                             5 or 3.88%
Total Tested                                         10,526
Total Tested Positive                           1.23%

Humboldt's Past Guidelines by the Center of Disease Control to move to new phases was 1 positive case per day for every 10,000 people. 

So that target for Humboldt would be 13.6 cases for a two week period.

Humboldt has had 23 cases the last 14 days. That means we should not be phasing in new activities but either slowing down or stopping the phase in process. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

When is Collateral Damage too high of price for greed? Vegas is showing us.

So a few months ago Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman wanted to open Vegas up as a "test" ground for COVID 19. She got her wish as Vegas opened their casinos on May 29th and have been doing robust business. But at what cost? Las Vegas area had the largest spike 6/16/20 in cases at 379 and have decided to slow back their phase in plans. Did not take a genius to see this coming, but Vegas seems ready to sacrifice their workers for the sake of money. But when is the collateral damage not worth it? It is a pity we will find out. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Level of COVID participant risk. 10 be the riskiest. Some of my comments.

1. Bars: The most risk. I am in total agreement. I was at local with only a few masks even though the place was mostly full. No social distancing at all. And after a few drinks the distancing becomes extinct. Bars should have been the last opened.

2. Buffets, Sports Stadiums, gyms and churches. I wish there were buffets! None in sight. I guess I can understand the Sports Stadiums and gyms, but churches? Let them worship safely and in order.

3. Pools and Basketball? Why are pools not considered a 1? Is it snotty kids or what? Just perception? Basketball should be a risk level 10. I mean, for those who play defense!

4. Casinos, Restaurants, Playgrounds, Hair Salons, Pontoon Boats and Movie Theaters? What made anyone think to put Pontoon Boats on the list! I would see that as low risk. Movie Theaters? Am i sharing my popcorn with strangers? That could be lowered level also. Playgrounds? Snotty kids risk the day! Restaurants such as Applebee's? Need to be listed as high risk just like bar. Casinos should be ranked with the risky. I don't believe in their sanitation mist as a guard to people touching and wiping the screens with their lucky touch and feels on a machine. Oh cmon! You seen em do it!

5. Dinner Party, BBQ, Airplanes, Malls, Beaches and Bowling. I can agree with this middle type listing. Except Airplanes. Closed quarters and too many confirmed cases from airplane travel. They should not be open now and should be opened dead last!

6. Dentist, busy downtown, offices, Doctors, Outside eating. Reasonable type risk. I can agree.

7. Grocery shopping ,Golf, Camping, Hotels, Library/museums. Golf should be totally low risk. I mean just about a zero! Why has this been so regulated. Just stupid! Grocery shopping needs defined. Winco shopping? That would be a 9! And at the CO-OP people like to touch the stuff! Give them at least a 7! Safeway and Costco deserve a 2 risk. If you are talking Humboldt Library, they should be rated at least 8. It looks basically like a homeless/drug shelter!

8. Walk or Bike ride, getting gas. This is about as low risk as can be found. Put it down as way low risk.

9. Takeout and tennis. I sure hope that getting takeout is low! I have been doing it enough! Tennis? You are basically sharing the same ball so anything your partner may have, by the time you are done with set you will have too! Unless you wear gloves the whole time! Should be rated at least a 6!