Saturday, March 21, 2009

RIP. Wow. Bad week.

Carrie Lynn McCracken: I can only describe Carrie as tolerant. We played on the same playgrounds as children. Went through our adolescent years side by side, and graduated together. And yes, we swam in the Braud's pool together. She always said what she thought and was up front with her feelings. I have nothing but warm thoughts of her. I wish that I had seen her lately. She was always kind. Way too young.

Kim Alan Stevens: Played ball with Kim. Seems like yesterday that Everett Scripter, Loren Price and Kim were hanging out and playing ball. (All lefties) Keith Bullock was really close to this trio. I am just so saddened and didn't know what happened. Kim was always straight with me and said how he felt.

Danny Hernandez: I played softball with Danny a few years ago. I am friends of his brother Tony. I am shocked to see someone my age just go away. I haven't had a chance to talk to Tony yet.

What a rotten week for death. Actually, this has been a bad year for Obits.

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