Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A's stomp on Diamondbacks 11-3. Went to Scottsdale Mall.

A's clicking pretty good. Hitting, pitching and fielding well. 5 bats were broke with splinters heading toward fielders! 83 Degrees. The crowd was more into the game than the other two venues. St. Patrick's day brought out some funny hats, green beer, green popcorn and other stuff to name a few. Nice seats in the shade for us this time. (I kinda got burnt yesterday.) Some guy was sitting a few seats down from us was signing autographs and having his picture taken. I didn't recognize him, but he must ave played in the 70's. Looked in his 60's.

Robin and I went to the Scottsdale Mall. Way high end. I saw a guy I recognized and talked a little. Robin was surprised, but not too much, as I saw a person I knew last year in Scottsdale. This guy I met at the bar locally. He was from Wisconsin and was here to get out of the cold and watch his team, the Brewers.

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