Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giants beat Cubs at Hohokam Park in Mesa.

Robin and I had to buy a Budweiser tent tickets to get into the game today. The game was sold out! I think it was a record crowd of over 13,000. Tim Lincecum was rocked early but still managed 5 K's in 3 and 2/3rd innings. Ryan Dempster pitched good for the Cubs. We met some good people there, so it was fun.

We went to the Mesa Museum before the game. It was very interesting. Lots of Mormon family leader stuff and Spring Training information. Went to Lonestar for dinner. I had the all you can eat ribs. Figured I would make them pay for that. They were chewy and tough. One rack was enough. They were lucky.

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Rambo said...

Can't remember the name of the place but there is a little hole in the wall place that makes the best rack of lamb I have EVER had in Mesa.

Hope your drive is good and safe the rest of your trip