Saturday, December 01, 2007

College of the Redwoods basketball team imitates Jekyll & Hyde. And Arcata BB Team plays when?

Robin and I went and watched a sloppy CR basketball team beat Mendocino JC on Friday in the Tregs Invitational with Perry Price. (Bill Treglown or "Tregs" was a long time coach of CR's and a great teacher and coach at CR. He called me the "Mad Bomber" when I played intramural basketball in the 70's. He would join us in pick up games and was a great trash talker with unlimited range. He loved the the game and all his students. Truly one of a kind educator.) CR played Southwestern Oregon JC for the championship today. CR took off to a 13 point lead 38-25 I think with less than 10 minutes off the clock. On pace for 152 points! But the pace slowed and the final was Southwestern 118 CR 94. Whew! What a fast paced, crazy game. 5 ft 6 inch Bobby Watkins was too fast for the CR team. Why they did not play a box in one or at least full court pressure to slow this guy was besides me. Looking at the Coos Bay JC roster, I noticed they have 6 players from Las Vegas. One from Australia, two from Portland, one from New Jersey and one from Atlanta. Only one local player. Why Coos Bay? Ex-CR coach Trevor Hoppe must have done some heavy recruiting. CR has 3 players from Eureka High starting and 7 out of 12 players from Humboldt County. And only one player from out of state. Tom Higgins of Grants Pass, Oregon. CR is now 9-3 on the season and will be entertaining to watch this year.

I was going to watch Arcata and Milpitas play in the Consolation game at Mckinleyville at 5:30pm. Perry told me they weren't playing then. That is the time the Eureka Reporter said it would be. Perry had his Times Standard so I looked at their calender for the Mckinleyville Tournament. It said 3pm but the article said 4pm. I looked at the ER calender and it said 4pm. We got there around 5pm and Arcata was long gone. They had played at 3pm. Can't any sports reporters for the TS or the ER read a tournament bracket? Could have saved me the gas money and carbon credits!

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