Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jacob Marks graduates from Wyo-Tech.

Just got back from Sac-Town to celebrate my son Jacob's graduation from Wyo-Tech . He specialized in Trim and upholstery with collision/revision technology. He is way into cars. He was hired by a body shop in Sacramento before he graduated. They held the ceremony at Freeborn Hall at the UC Davis campus. Nice. We had an extended family dinner at Original Pete's in downtown Sacramento for Jake. Good times. Their IPA not as good as Lost Coast.

Robin and I delivered presents for the little relatives in the area and had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse Saturday night. I had the combo ribs and steak. Hard to beat. I could do without the loud country music though. (I hate hearing those who say there is only two kinds of music, country and western. I say oh, yeah, you are right there is only two types of music, rock and roll!)

When we got home at Samoa Sunday afternoon, the temperature inside our house was under 50 degrees! Yikes! We started a fire pronto.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jacob! I hope he is happy with his new job.

I forgot about the loud music at Logan's. We usually go in the late afternoon before the dinner rush and it isn't so loud then.

Hope your Humboldt Crud is gone by now. My daughter is in Eureka for Christmas from UCLA and got sick the second day she was there.

Wishing you and Robin a Very Merry Christmas!

rick said...

Congrats To Jacob,
Pooh you say rock & roll have you heard the new Eagles release?

Merry Christmas to the Marks family. And hope of a wonderful News Years.

gingerbread man said...

Steak and ribs combo? Glad to see you're feeling better, Richard. How many turkeys you gonna eat tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Richard, what is IPA?

Carol said...


Anonymous said...

Good for Jacob not so good for you. Won't your prog buddies look down their noses at you for the PC error of your sons ways. How global warming un-cool, working on automobiles. Not many carbon credits or votes for poor richard.

samoasoftball said...

8:58am-Indica Pale Ale. Lost Coast has the best. Period. Hands down.

Babushka said...

Congratulations to Jacob and Merry Christmas to all of you.