Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mo Charlo & Purify in Eureka this week.

For a funeral for Pamela "Pam" Prudhomme Obituaries. May God rest her soul.

Imagine my surprise showing up to Cal Courts and seeing a professional basketball player, Mo Charlo - on my home court! (We have had a group of players playing every Tuesday and Thursday at Cal Courts for well over a decade. It is open to all ages.) He was slam dunking and toying with the locals, but he had a good war going with Maurice Purify - who can still ball it on the hardwood. When my team took the court, big Ken Tinkham (ex HSU lineman at 6'5" 280lbs) had to cover Purify. As luck would have it, Mo got the ball baseline with nothing but me in the way of the basket. He took off for a two hand jam and all I could do was watch. He clanged it off the rim and I got the rebound! Then his team got the ball back later and a guy threw the ball off the backboard and Mo slammed it down to the joy of the crowd at the gym.

I can not remember a time I have seen two ball players of that caliber on the court at the same time in Humboldt County. I can safely say never. (HSU included.)

This Sunday a grudge match game will be held at the Adorni Center at 1pm between old school and new school players from around the County. (The Mo & Mo show tentatively included.) Don't look for it in the paper. This is not a sanctioned event. I may have to show up just to witness the spectacle. And maybe throw up a few threes.

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