Friday, December 07, 2007

Holiday Spirit attacks Baywood celebrants!

People who ate at Baywood Country Club over the weekend became sick of possibly the Norovirus. Times-Standard

County Environmental Health Division Director Brian Cox said he narrowed the culprits to either a customer or an employee. Or Santa maybe? Or an animal or mineral? How much is this guy paid again? And it wasn't enough evidence of the dozens of sick people to stop Baywood from serving Monday and Tuesday? And why doesn't the Eureka Reporter identify Baywood as the establishment? Eureka Reporter A local banquet facility? Are they having their X-Mas party there? It will probably be on a Monday or a Tuesday of course.


Jack said...

The difference between the T-S coverage and the ER coverage is simple – the T-S had a reporter write an article about the situation, while the ER simply printed a press release from the health dept.

I don't know the reasons for this. Could be a simple staffing issue.

Either way, the reason the ER's coverage is lacking is because the paper didn't have anyone write about the problem.

samoasoftball said...

I noticed in todays TS that the number of sick was over 100. My wife Robin ate there on Tuesday and didn't feel well on Wednesday morning but didn't know about the virus thing and went to work. (We joke that we don't do sick in our household. No time for it.)

barf said...

The Health Dept. new about it on Monday but didn't say anything until Friday? 900 possibly exposed to the virus. Seems like a bit of incompetence or someone trying to protect a business while hoping it will all blow over.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I just shat all over myself.

Another Voice said...

I commented at length on this over on Heraldos' blog, but "jack" is correct...the ER just published the Press Release word for word and made it look like a news story.

However, the story is still being way under reported. The number taken ill is almost for sure far larger than what has been reported.

Anonymous said...

Last time this happened was at the Eureka Inn in 2002. The last place the current head chef at Baywood worked before his present job was, you guessed it, the Eureka Inn.

Another Voice said...

Again I posted the first over at Heraldo, but Richard blogged on it also so thought I would repeat the comment here.

I know this is old news now, but it bothers me a little that the local papers kind of went out of their way to downplay the magnitude of this. Maybe they were simply trying to protect Baywood (and to some degree Environmental Health) from bad publicity, but the numbers from the articles tell it all.

Meals served - 900
Persons contacted - 346
Confirmed sick - 166

Statistically then the number sickened was 432.

Seems more dramatic doesn’t it?

Anonymous said...

I understand there is a new dance craze spreading throughout Humboldt County--the "Baywood Shuffle". Sort of like the Hokey Pokey, but with a much faster tempo.