Monday, May 21, 2007

Young Ferndale native, Dylan Feierabend fights cancer!

Brad Botkin wrote an excellent human interest story in the TS today. Times-Standard Online - Teen cancer survivor comes back swinging If you have a minute, read the story. It is really touching. I think Brad is one of the best local writers I have seen in quite a while.

I wish the TS would get their act together about more local events such as stock car racing, adult sports, Little League, Babe Ruth, golf, track and local events coming up. I am sorry, but the Eureka Reporter kicks their collective ass in this department. I sent both papers, and many other Northern California papers information about future adult sports in Northern California and the TS seems to not respond. Why? Got me. So let me thank the ER for their commitment to local events. I tip my hat.


Jennifer Savage said...

Great story. Just great.

Anonymous said...

Try twice as many reporters Samoa

samoasoftball said...

6:55-Here is the deal. I send things to the TS in easy format so all they have to do is cut and paste. I used to submit scores and information for years with no problems. Lately I get no response. And I send the information individually to all their sports writers. The Redding, Ukiah, Red Bluff and other small papers seem to have no problem. I think the TS Sports should be trying harder. Seems like the TS has as many if not more writers. Am I wrong?