Saturday, May 19, 2007

Senior Softball starts May 30th! Memorial Open at Weaverville next weekend!

My senior softball team, the mighty Roadkill Warriors start their season on Wed May 30th at Newburg Park in Fortuna. Look out! It should be fun. We have lots of players that have not played in years. Should be entertaining. I hope we have no injuries. Don't care whether we win or lose.

The Memorial Tournament at Weaverville I am hosting has potentially 12 teams. I just need all teams to commit in the next few days. I would like to finalize everything before Wednesday.

The SAC open basketball team is one win from the championship game in Eureka. Pretty good for a team carrying some old dudes like me and 67 year old Bruce Norton. Dave Norton and Ben Horton have just played out of their minds for us to be where we are. And both have been really unselfish and let everyone get plenty of touches. This has been a really fun year regardless how we finish.

Hey! A couple of my past basketball players made the front page in the TS.
Times-Standard Online - Peninsula School students, HSU crew unearth marine mammals
Levi and Garrett are going to be 8th grade players this next year. They have both played for me for a few years, and I hope they are ready this next year. Good kids. Good story.

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samoasoftball said...

My Basketball team beat Maples Plumbing 69-60 to reach the Eureka Championship game. Had to overcome a 13 point deficit. We held Maples to 11 points after halftime. Only problem is, we have too many players having to work that championship night. So I may have to go to work late that night, or we forfeit the championship game. Ouch!