Sunday, May 20, 2007

Now wait a minute! Humboldt County Mental health crying foul?

Didn't I just hear from a certain County Supervisor that the Governors budget bodes well for the county? Times-Standard Online - Governor's budget bodes well for county What is this gibberish that The Eureka Reporter - Article is spouting about a 3 Million dollar shortage for mental health? Isn't Phillip Crandall in touch with all of the BOS? Maybe he needs to call the senior BOS member and say this budget is not so good for the county. This is a sticky situation. No Teflon intended.


Shane said...

It's not a great budget. Not as bad as we have seen, but certainly not what we really need.

Just remember that Nancy would be saying the same thing if she had won.

Local elected Republicans are going to tell us what Arnold wants us to hear. It's not like this is a surprise or anything.

Nick Bravo said...

Glorious Governor Schwarzeneggar was shown the Humboldt blogosphere. He said it counts as group therapy. However, we are not entitled to funding or any medication.

You are however, allowed to self medicate with anything you decide to put into your mouths.

Anonymous said...

Shane all I can say is...what??? You are going to tell us what someone else would say? You think you knoow what Nancy would say? If you actually believe Nancy and Neely are the same you are...well...confused. Phil Crandall is a complete idiot who is lying to everyone in this county. Bonnie was correct and the Gov's money was perfect to give all the county leaders a nice pay hike. I way disagree that Nancy would have done the same thing, she would have taken a pay cut in order to get things right in this county.

Shane said...

Maybe she would have taken a pay cut. I don't pretend to know how she feels about everything. And I don't think she's the same as Bonnie.

However, I do know that it is very uncommon for a local elected official belonging to a particular political party to criticize a governor from that same party. I'm not just talking about Republicans. Most elected Democrats wouldn't act any differently.

I wasn't saying this about Nancy in particular. It was more of a statement about politics as usual.

samoasoftball said...

Nancy would have taken a pay cut? Oh, c'mon now. Both Bonnie and Nancy are Republican conservatives when it comes to state and federal social and economic issues.

I would safely say that Bonnie swings way to the left in local political positions. Her liberal allegiances helped garner her office.

For better or for worse, she will be there for 3 more years. And I believe she will work hard for the county. Whether I agree with some of her local social and economic stands.

Bonnie is the consummate politician. Or should I say she has plenty of political savvy.

And I will be the first to admit she is a very intelligent/confident elected official. Just think she has turned the 4th District Supervisor seat into a life time position. I think she has garnered too much power in sub-committees. That is another issue for another day.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is she's looking for a job in Sacramento. She may be trying to work that angle, being a moderate whom a Democrat governor just might keep. Wouldn't be surprised if she didn't serve out her four year term.

Anonymous said...

Shane defends that Republican political hack, what a loser.

Anonymous said...

Did Roger Rodoni need those mental health funds for his own (much needed) personal counseling/therapy?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Rodoni is a psycho. How did that bastard ever get elected to office in the first place?