Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Softball stuff.

Last weekend a group of buddies of mine went to play softball at Big League Dreams in Redding. Hana Borden, Matt Socha, Rodney Dickerson, John McGinnis, Glenn Hamanaka, Dan Nord, Eric Younger, John Wilkinson, Damon Dimmick, Paul Mendes and that Marks guy went 3-2 against some great competition. We hit no HRs! It was HOT! I had been sick during the week and it took alot out of me. I hit a double my first at bat and was wheezing at second base. I was on base 8 out 13 at bats. Only getting 13 at bats in 5 games tells you we did not hit good as a team. But we played good defense and had fun. I am hosting a softball tournament Memorial and 4th of July Tournament in Weaverville. Call me if you want to play.

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