Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weaverville Memorial Weekend Softball!

Years back I was contacted by the Weaverville/Douglas City parks and Recreation department to ask me if I was interested in directing a few of the annual men’s softball tournaments that attract out of town teams to Weaverville. The Chamber of Commerce wanted attendance for their Memorial Weekend Gem show and funds raised for their 4th of July Fireworks. Robin and I have organized over 100 such tournaments over the years, and I had already participated in both tournaments as a competitor, so I said we would do so.

Years later we are still there! We just got home from another tournament and everything went pretty smooth. Well, considering I worked graveyard Friday night, and drove over early Saturday and ran the tournament. Late Saturday night I went to the Round Table Pizza place and seen at least 30 people from our tournament there! If Robin and I are the benchmark on revenue per person in our tournaments, I figure each participant represents $100 per weekend for Trinity County. So we at least bring in $70,000 conservatively into the county each year. I am sure this is grossly underestimated.

One thing I do not like. Motels in Weaverville jack up their prices for these weekends and ask for people to reserve minimum night stays. Robin and I paid $128 for a one bed room at the Victorian. Lots of sold out signs. That we helped create! Ironic.

My team did not have a good weekend. Lots of injuries and such. I noticed an uncomfortable pattern for myself personally. Teams were moving their outfielders in shallow on me to try to stop my singles hits. This has just happened lately to me, and I realize I am 30 years older than most playing, but this was a reality check for me. I burned the outfielders in a few of the games for extra base hits, but my ego has been bruised. Mortality sucks.

Here is my press release to the TS and ER. Let’s see who prints it.

Ray Wolfe Construction Dominates Tournament

Ray Wolfe Construction from Arcata soundly defeated the Tastebuds from Mckinleyville 26-5 to capture the Samoa Athletic Club’s Weaverville Memorial Weekend Invitation men’s softball tournament. David Ferris and Jacob Kadle went 4 for 4 performances to lead the way in the championship game. Wolfe went undefeated in five games to garner first place. Unagi from Mt. Shasta finished third place and Mt. Thunder from Fall River fourth.

David Ferres went 12 for 16 hitting and was named the Most Valuable Player. Jacob Kadle finished 11-19 and was chosen Most Valuable Pitcher. Other all tournaments picks were, Matt Socha and Jared Harpe from Wolfe, Eric Eichin, Justin Moore and Matt Dusel of the Tastebuds, Chris Hanson, Ryan Jackson and Brian Johnson from Unagi, Joe DiSalvo and Russ Jones of Mt. Thunder.

Todd Canfield of Weaverville hit 6 out of 10 pitches over the fence to win a hotly contested Home Run derby.

The Samoa Athletic Club will be hosting the 4th of July Weaverville Invitational June 30th and July 1st at Lowden Park. For more information contact Richard Marks at (707) 445-3432 or check out online at

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