Monday, May 07, 2007

Redding gets props from SF Chronicle. Big League Dreams.

I have spouted my admiration of the Softball/Soccer/Roller Hockey/Volleyball/Hardball/Basketball/Convention center named Big League Dreams Big League Dreams - Sport Parks The SF Chronicle does their take, and explains the financial ramifications. San Francisco Chronicle Business Stories The park has become a big time tourist destination and has exceeded financial expectations. Shasta County can use the help, as they have a 8.2 unemployment rate, with mainly service based jobs.


Stu said...

Big League Dreams sure beats the hell out of Eureka's softball fields; of course, that ain't saying much, since they are the worst fields of any community in the county. Thanks, City of Eureka. Thanks City Council. Thanks City Parks and Rec Dept. Thanks Dan Molter, for such great leadership.

Anonymous said...

Richard. You probably noticed your Softball post generated no comments, while the Local Solutions and Bonnie Neely ones got over 75 between them.

That should tell you that there is a lot more interest in politics around here than sports.

Stu said...

11:41 you miss the point. The horrrible shape of our Eureka softball fields is political. The fields are controlled by an inept political agency.

Just take a look at the Adorni Center, one of the most funtionally obsolete buildings I have ever seen. What a waste of the $3,000,000 that Harry Adorni left the city. Just think of what that money could have built. How about a community pool that would have generated revenue by hosting regional swim meets? How about a Big League Dreams style recreational complex that would have generated revenue for the city like the one in Redding does?

There is more to life than Bonnie Neely and Local Soultions. Also, if you feel so strongly about what Richard is posting on his blog, why are you anonymous? Why don't you just create your own blog if all you want to talk about is politics?

samoasoftball said...

Stu: is right. This is a political issue that just magnifies our weaknesses in providing recreation for our local youth. Something to do constructively North of 4th st. At one time we had the funds, and all we have is a user unfriendly Adorni.

Ironically I was playing basketball there last year and a some young kids were going out on the court at half time, and were yelled off the court by an official. I thought it ironic, as the facility and Adorni money was earmarked for youth.