Thursday, January 29, 2009

Unemployment rises in Every State in the US!

Unemployment rose in every state in Dec. 2008. When is the last time that has happened? 4.7 Million out of work. And the number is rising. Most in recorded history number wise. (Not percentage though, kind of hard to top 1933's 25.2%. I am sure we will top 15% unemployment rate in Humboldt County soon. We need jobs. But I am sure you already know that.


Anonymous said...

I am sure if you added all the "un-reported" unemployed you would get a number over 15% and most likey before this is all done it will hit 25%. Bake in my drug days I knew alot of coach surfers that were just off the systems rader and from what I hear it is worse now. I would bet that most the bayshore mall campers and the ones that make the trek to the dunes are not on the unemployment role or if they were have used up bennies along time ago. To add just a small number for just Eureka, drive by freemeal at lunch time on a non rainy day.

And I did mean "jughead" but he wouldnt get as pissed when you called him chicken. LOL

Rose said...

As a white male with some experience, you are SOL.

Anonymous said...

We're still waiting for a thoughtful comment Rose.

Anonymous said...

Economic activity is declining, thats what a recession is. Less activity means less work to be done and fewer jobs.

But since the 1970's, most families have two wage earners to afford a higher lifestyle. Having one wage earner and living less lavishly is a strategy that many will adopt for now.

The TS said that local breweries are doing more business and hiring people. Rumor is that the pot growers are also doing about the same. And I see multiple ads for several city/county positions in the NCJournal that require only HS diplomas.

No doubt there are fewer choices now than before. But most people will find a new equilibrium where their means and consumption are balanced. If unemployment is 15%, that means employment is 85% which is the vast majority of people.

Anonymous said...

If the true rate is 15 to 20% think about it. somewhere around one at of every 6 or every 5 people you meet do not have a job. Be some like it this way I dont think it should be a acceptable number