Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We got spanked 23-11. Ouch!

Arcata Garbage knocked Eureka Glass (The clear choice) out of the Arcata Metal Bat championships by the above score. They hit at least 6 home runs to our none. They were using a Miken Maniac and we had a Miken Freak plus. We asked about using a MikenUltra 2 and were told no. They had the better bat. They won. That is how it is in Arcata Metal Bat. It is a bat war. We put up 11 runs and were not in the running. I hope the Mad River Softball Board looks into this problem next year. Why is there only 5 metal bat teams and 27 wood bat? This is why.


Kris said...

prsonaly rich i would take the freak over the manaic anyday, but i still perfer the easton synergy, we to got beat by sun valley, about same score,by the way who has the ultra 2, can't use it in any league, home run contest or outlaw league's only. We had two first time ever homer's Jackson, and Allan. ps garbage's best bat is a new one called the miken titanium brand new to the market price $450.00

samoasoftball said...

$450! You can sponsor a team for that! Joey Scarpillino had the Ultra II. Steve Kosak said no. It has to have the USSSA approval stamped on the bat.