Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Bruce is Loose!

I play Basketball each Tuesday and Thursday at noon that I can at Cal Courts in Eureka. We play full court 4-4. Loser has to wait out and rotate in. Lively ball some times. I have been playing pretty regular since I was in my 30's. It is pretty diverse group. We have some 50ish people such as Phil Wright, Doug Rasines, Brian Barcot and Ed Fregoso. Pastor Steve Berti leads the way for 40ish types. Brandon Murphy is probably one of the better players in his 30s. Then there are a bunch of 20 year olds and younger running amuck. Joey Scarpillino, Dave Norton, Brian Ayala, Jeff Dees, DJ Beckstead, Danny Corwin, Ken Tinkham, Ben and Elijah Horton just to mention some. But a few years ago a retired Lawyer and Nuclear consultant decided to move back to Humboldt County after being gone nearly 40 years. 65 year old 6'3" Bruce Norton. I was introduced to this man the hard way. I am usually the oldest player so naturally our team had me cover Bruce. Myself at the time was probably 5'11" 250lbs (220lbs now) so I figured I would just run right by him and push him around the court. Boy was I wrong! Bruce used me badly and has terrorized me ever since. But it is not just me. I have seen him humble players in their twenties by just court smarts. And the man can shoot from anywhere! So if you just so happen to be at Cal Courts at noon and this guy asks you to play, look out! His youngest son David will be playing a CR this year after a stellar stint for Eureka High.

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