Monday, August 28, 2006

Sighting of Manny and Mark Marquez.

Saw Manny and Mark Marquez at Angelo's Pizza today. Mark works in Orthopedic Equipment in the Fortuna area, Manny is in the Hot Tub and Pool business back east. Manny was visiting family for awhile. He says the harsh winters are getting to him. Both brothers played softball with me on the Everett's Bombers back in the 80's and early 90's. Mark was a very tough out in the 2 hole and had many great years as did Manny. We won many championships together. I have known both for many years as they both grew up in Samoa. It was nice to see them. Good guys.


Fred said...

Ahhh...Angelos. Closest thing we have to the old Tom's Sourdough Pizza, except for Pizzeria. Shame that Tom's went by the wayside. Good that there's SOME substitute. It will never be the same, though.

Life sucks: It has it's good times and bad times.

Anonymous said...

I loved Tom's Sourdough! Spent many hours there when it was Verla's Pizza also. It used to be a favorite place to go after softball!

Fred said...

Verla's? That must have been before my time. I moved up here in '73 and it was Tom's then. When was it called Verla's?

samoasoftball said...

Verlas from the mid 60s to the mid 70s. Then Tom's up until Babetta's who have a great pizza and lunch buffet!

Fred said...

Yes, I know the owners of Babetta's. In fact, I met the whole family- the Francis and Scarpellinos- just after I moved up here.

Only problem with Babetta's, is its a bit too "high class" for me to hang out at. I liked the old wooden benches at Tom's.

As an aside, old timers here might remember Sabrina's Restaurant, across from the Eureka Theater on F street. I worked there for three years or so after I first moved here. That's where I met Babs, Stan, Sabrina and the rest.

Babetta's was originally planned for the old Sabrinas place, but the deal fell through and they ended up where Tom's used to be.

samoasoftball said...

There you have it, Babetta's great food and great people! And that Sabrina can sing I tell ya!