Saturday, August 26, 2006

The big toilet in Arcata.

Robin and I took her gray Pomeranian "Smokey" for a walk at The Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary. Pretty fancy name for a wastewater treatment plant. We take quite a few easy walking trips there pretty much year around. It is a great look at the bay and the surrounding areas. It is interesting to check out all the birds. Lots of berries are looking like they are about to get ripe. It is just a pleasant way to spend some quiet time. Even if we do run across many young people smoking hooch (bet you haven't heard that in awhile) and drinking. We have never run across any rowdies. Everyone seems to enjoy the Marsh's solitude. If you have never checked it out, it is one of Humboldt's best kept secrets.


Eric V. Kirk said...

First discovered it a couple of years ago at the Hiroshima memorials where they send the candles across the lake on little paper boats. I went jogging there one time and saw several river otters frolicking. Georgeous place.

samoasoftball said...

It is a fine concept and even with its few problems is still a standing testament to future sustainability. If you have never been there, at least go check it out!

Carson Park Ranger said...

The Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary is a must for visiting friends and family!