Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My last softball Newsletter 2003

I used to do a newsletter for softball back in the 90's and it used to cause an uproar for my radical opinions. I t was sent to people all over Northern California. I became busy with union organizing and had to discontinue the project. My old computer upstairs had this last newsletter I did back in 2003. I am sure I will get some comments. Who knows, maybe I will start one again. Maybe a recap of the year 2006! Inside In this Newsletter
1. Best 10 of 2003
2. Fast Pitch re-visited
3. Re-rating the players
4. Tourney re-caps & Opinion
Rating teams for Summer 2003
Here is my list of the top 10 teams from Humboldt County as of July 1st and why:

1. Tastebuds-Why: Only lost three games last two years in tournaments. Why not: Long ball will kill them on a short porch. They prefer the short game and are the best at it. Very good defensively. Is this really the Sun Valley Team in disguise?
2. James Hill Trucking-Why: Always causing havoc in tournaments. Why not: Who are they week to week?
3. Wise Flooring-Why: Seem the best in Eureka. Why not: Play a tournament or two. Get dirty!
4. Ray Wolfe Construction-Why: Game for every tournament. Any time/Any where. Bring it. Why not: They will even admit they are inconsistent. Ended up 7th in tough Red Bluff Invitational.
5. Babes Pizza- Why: I don’t care if the whole team is over 50! Great collection of solid players. Why not: Have lost a step maybe. Maybe not?
6. Pacific Towing-Why: Solid Defensively. Will keep all scores low. Why not: Need to score more runs and get some breaks.
7. Brew Crew-Why: Experienced and solid ex Stingers. Why not: Have these players lost the edge? Once were the best.
8. Young Guns/Matsen Insuranace-Why: Crazy young fearless players. Why not: Need to do small things to win. They are close to the top.
9. Pukes-Why: Been here a while. Why not: Have they lost interest?
10. Porter Street BBQ- Why: Beat all the best so far in wood bat! Why not: Still early in the season.
Best Fast Pitch Teams and Pitchers.
Recently there was a Fast Pitch Softball Tournament hosted by Sargent and Sons. They won the Tournament and left behind many memories of the history of the game past and future. Here are some of the clips through my eyes of the best teams and pichers through the ages:
1960s: Louisiana Pacific-Merle Annis
1970s: Rockin’ R-Bob Cinkle
1980s: Rockin’ R-Willie Brunton
1990s: Cutten Reality/Belchers-Brunton/Rick Borges
1995 on: Sargent and Sons-Billy Osbourne/Bobby Annis/Josh Sargent
If you can think of any teams and pitchers from the past deserving, give a call.

Best Slow Pitch Players so far for 2003:

1. Jeremy Rasmussen- Good all around player. No nonsense. And good pitcher
2. Ryan Wolfe- Can anyone outhit him at this position? Not many.
1. Hank Cain-Best placement and definitely the best scout. He is watching you! Bat is way hot.
2. Marti Conti-Upsets hitters and umps! Good singles hitter. Has won more than his share of games.
3. Mickey Ayala-Just keeps getting better no matter the age. Still best glove up the middle.
4. Dave Damme-Power and plain seriousness.
5. Jacob Kadle-Moving up fast on the list!
1st Base
1. Jeff Frizell-
Power and singles. Who knows what he will do. Don’t push and he will dominate the game. Once hit 5 hrs in one game.
2. Scott Cambell-Great Defensively and power.
3. Pat Moore-Defense and hitting, look out!
2nd Base
1. Mike Cyphers-
Bat and glove working overtime this year. (Broken hand may end his run for 2003.)
2. Robbie Lawler-Solid, consistent defensive player.
3. Scott Rocha-Quickest glove around.
4. Scott St. John-Not flashy, just gets the job done.
3rd Base
1. Rex Green-
Power and clutch plays. Would some one tell him his glove is on the wrong hand?
2. John McGinnis-Quick Glove and bat. Switch hitter with great power.
3. Andrew Lang-Long Ball and defense.
1. Tommy Lawler-
Power, Speed, Defense and consistency. This is the best around.
2. Neal Barsanti-Same stuff, more power can play anywhere well.
3. Matt Jones-In two more years he is the best hands down in every catagory. Good fast pitch future.
4. Kirby Reninger-Those who know him will agree. Many say he is the best period.
5. Matt Socha-Best at any position he has played on any of my teams.
1. Eric Eichen-Scary. Good arm, glove, bat and head.
2. Jason Makie-Glove, arm, calm and maybe quickest bat around.
3. Sam Keyjar-Up and coming. Needs one position to call home.
I know that there are a number of players I am overlooking. Players like Todd Gonsalves, Stacey Lyons, Ramy Dickinson, Scott Eskra, Ben Matthias, Glen Hamanaka, Dwyane Johnston, Greg Alora etc. and so on. I will add and subtract as the season goes on.
Some early Tournament results for our locals:
Eureka Preseason:
Champs: Matsen Reality/Young Guns 2nd: Eagles
Weaverville Memorial:
Champs: Tastebuds 2nd: JHT 4th: tie Ray Wolfe Construction
Mike Powers Invitational:
Champs: JHT 2nd: Tastebuds 3rd: Pac Towing 4th: Brew Crew
2nd Division Champs: Ray Wolfe Construction 2nd: Homeplate 3rd: Matsen Reality/Young Guns


kris said...

cant wait to see the 2006 list, hint hint, about 1/2 of those guys would proably still be on it.

Anonymous said...

It's Realty, not Reality!

samoasoftball said...

Sorry, Eureka Schools edumacated ya'll nose. Tried CR for 4 years. Almost got my AA. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rich the list looks nice for 2003 and I would also like to see 2007 list. My vote for one of the best players in the area would be for Matt Jones great talent and also an amazing plyer by the name of Kirk Thurston. Speed, power, Cannon, smart ball player and very young. Happy New Year and I will see you soon. McGinnis