Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Avelar Softball!

The Eureka Reporter did a piece on the Avelar family softball team. The Eureka Reporter He has been playing softball longer than me! Carlos has been a great community volunteer coach for many years. He coached my oldest son in soccer and I have witnessed the hard work and dedication he has to his cause. There have been literally thousands of Humboldt County residents that had their early life lessons taught by Carlos. I hope the ER does more stories like this. I have always hated playing against Carlos in softball. He seems to always be able to get on batting from either side switch hitting. I am hoping he joins my Senior League team next year!


chuck said...

whos the guy in the background, good story could have been longer, should of

Anonymous said...

Hey how about that Jackson Kircher kid,=... he quickly becoming one of the top softball hitters(players) in our area! Carlos

samoasoftball said...

Jackson is on his way to being a premier softball shortstop. He still has alot of arm left though, so I would like to see him pitching organized hardball again. I am hoping to put together another local hardball team next summer and maybe having him pitch for us. He does play for the Eel River Eels hardball right now.