Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Best local Short Stops by age.

I have a few softball people who check my blog but do not respond. Hey, you can do this without me knowing who it is! I know I will upset some with my comments or observations but here is some of my picks for the best SS by age: 60+ Art Jones 50+ Mike Yancheff 40+Mark Bateson 30+ Chris Pence 20+ Tommy Lawler 10+ Cameron Reed. So let the arguing begin!


Kris said...

T-Law come on he is retired what about J-mo, and i'll agree with you on pence, the other ones were before my time. not to sure on the young one either i think i can find a better one.

samoasoftball said...

No doubt J-Mo is a good one. But T-Law has been around a little longer and I classify J-Mo more as a hardball player who should be playing for the Crabs! There are very few players better than him on the Crabs team.

Kris said...

Jackson would be a great short stop and he just turned 20 a month ago except he usally plays 3rd or 2nd because he plays on Pence and J-mo's teams usally. and tommy would be the best but i thought you still had to play? and your right J-mo is better than most of the crabs.