Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gall Bladder surgery question.

Ever since I posted concerning Robin's complications after Gall Bladder surgery, I have heard all sorts of horror stories about the surgery and complications afterward. Even Robin's nurse at St Joe had her Gall Bladder removed and now is going to see a specialist down in the bay area for problems she is having. Robin says if she had known then what she knows now, she would have waited for another Gall Bladder attack. Anyone out there have problems like this? She is at home and has to stay on a no/fat diet for a few weeks. Gonna be tough. I am kind of a high fat type eater. Not a Buffet made big enough for me. I don't care how it tastes, just as long as there is lots of it! The best buffet I think I have ever been to was Rodizio's Brazilian Buffet in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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