Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tim Couch plays last home game for AHS?

AHS soundly defeated St. Patrick/St. Vincent tonight at home in North Coast Sectional playoff action. By nearly 20 points. "MVP" chants for Tim Couch were started a few times in the game, but this was a blow out from the start. AHS played uninspired ball and still put a hurt on the private school from Vallejo. Not one Tiger played what they would consider, "a good game." I hope they have more left in the tank. It gets harder from here.

Tim lives a few houses down from us, and Robin and I have known him pretty much all of his life. His brother Joey played basketball for me and Timmy started playing competitive basketball for Peninsula School when he was in 2nd grade. Joey was my starting point guard on the Peninsula 8th grade team when he was in 5th grade! And Joey now plays softball with me off and on as late as last year. Their dad Steve has played softball and basketball with me and against for years. So it has been a great joy for Robin and I to watch Timmy excel this year. Timmy was hardened by Samoa boys in athletics. Both of my sons played with and against Tim in neighborhood games. Tim's mom Bonnie was a forceful community mom and verbally made sure all the local kids to allow "Timmy" to participate, even though he was just a "scrub" to the others. And Timmy endured the abuse the "elders" put on him. Joey became a scholarship football player and I hope some college team recruit Tim for either football or basketball. He has the heart of a "tiger!" or lion. Tim will read this and say, "Richard. stop it!"

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