Saturday, February 28, 2009

HSU Senior Night Basketball!

It was the last regular season game for the HSU Men's and Women's Basketball Team. On the Women's side, Katie Franci, Kristina O'Keefe, Trisha Alaba and Jennifer Enos won their game against Cal State Dominguz Hills. The 21 wins on the season are a Humboldt Women's record! Franci just amazes me with her will and hustle on the court. She is going to be hard to replace, but coach Gleason has the tools to have even a better team next year. It is worth the price of admission just to watch Paige Peterson handle the point. And Brittney Taylor is smooth at the post. I just love this team.

The men's team beat CSDH in a hard fought battle, and a lesson on how not to shoot free throws. To the right is walk on Senior Owen Newman giving it his best shot. Overall the Jack's shot 12-34 from the line. Just terrible. I thought coach Tom Woods would have a heart attack. Jameson Figgat was the other Senior playing his last regular season game. Next year the Jack's are loaded up! And they still won 20 games in a rebuilding year!

Robin took this shot of Zac Tiedeman shooting late in the game. Zac played at Santa Rosa JC last year and is a special player. He leads the Jack's in scoring, steals and assists! He shoots nearly 50% from the field, 46% from 3 point land and 89% from the line! He is a freak I tell ya! You have got to see him play at least one time next year. I don't think the Jack's will be playing at home again this year. But the women do next Tuesday! You gotta be there!


Anonymous said...


They played well except were horrible at finishing by making the free throws. Zac was 10-12. Get this: The rest of the team went 2-24. That is less than 10%
Look at the paper this morning.WOW!

Mike Harvey

samoasoftball said...

I commented to Robin while driving home that I thought Zac had missed more than 2. I guess I was wrong. If HSU hit their FT, they would have blown out UCDH! But you put it in a different look. 2 for 24? I don't think I have coached any team that has done that bad. 2nd grade on up! How about you, Mike?

Anonymous said...

That blew my mind. I saw Kinder tonight at a JCS function and said I think I know what you need to work on. That amazed me. Zac missed two of three when he was fouled on the three point play. I agree with you as I thought he missed others but the stat sheet said otherwise.

I was watching my son's third/fourth grade park and rec game. They were much better at the line today. It reminded me of Shaq on a BAD night.

This along with HS basketball is the best event in Humboldt County and a great value. Good stuff. You wouldn't see this energy and crowd at Cal State Dom. Hills...

One of my favorite things to go watch is District 26 little league all-stars for both 9-10 year olds and 12 year olds. They play well and just good entertainment.

Mike Harvey