Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cutten wins Blue Lake 6th Grade Tournament! Freshwater in Second! Coaches complain to ref without knowing rules. Nothing new.

The ref being me. I had a coach yelling at me because a player for Blue Lake shot the ball against Coastal Grove Charter school, and just so happened to rebound the ball without it hitting the rim and shot again. Many players, casual fans and coaches don't realize that as long as the refs determine the ball was shot at the basket, it is free to any player on the court to rebound, even the shooter. I went and tried to explain this to the coach, who pretty much told me I did not know what I was talking about, and something about how many basketball games he had been associated with. I was a little offended, as I have coached over 25 years at all grades through 8th. Well over 500 games! And I have refereed all ages including adults and also trained new officials while directing leagues and tournaments for B-Ball.

Oh well, one bad apple coach don't spoil the whole bunch. All the other coaches were well behaved and had fun at the tournament. The Blue Lake School District and City of Blue Lake Recreation Department did a great job organizing volunteers to make this event a success.

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