Friday, February 20, 2009

Arcata boys/Mck Girls win Niclai titles!

Why hold an event this big and have only one money taker? There needed to be at least 2! And the venue was the new Lumberjack gym. They could have charged 10 dollars for the reserved seating and 7 for general and made another $3,000 dollars. The acoustics at the new gym are terrible. I mentioned this to Dan Collen and he said HSU will be addressing this soon.

The McKinleyville girl’s basketball team rallied late in the 4th Quarter against Fortuna to tie the game behind Sage Romberg’s two high pressure free throws. In overtime Mack took control. It was a well played game by both teams. Too bad one of these teams had to lose.

Hey Timmy Couch! Made it to the big time! As big as it gets in Humboldt High School Basketball. And you have the flu. Bummer. But you played well!

SBH boys played a great game. Had the lead at half time over a really betterAHS team. Coach Steve Thrap has them playing way over their potential. Ayres is just a great, never ending energy source. I have been told that he is the best short stop in Humboldt baseball history. I argued that no one is better than Mark Bateson in his prime. I will have to watch more SBH baseball games this year.

Here is a great shot of Ryan DeHart going to the rack. Just a fun night to watch a game. Perry Price told me before this game that AHS would win by 15. They won by 17. And Perry was rooting for SBH.


Rambo said...

I love it Rich, about a month or so ago there was complaining you dont post sports info anymore. Now when you do, nobody comments. I for one am glad to see some local sports news. And much better info then I get from the Sub Standard. God, I hate their website.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Bater!!!

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