Monday, February 09, 2009

Sarah Palin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck view about Wolves is wrong. And Whoopi Goldberg shows her ignorance too!

The View tackled a story about Ashley Judd's commercial attacking Sarah Palin's support of the shooting of wolves to cull the packs from the air. This action theoretically let's Caribou proliferate. Unfortunately, the whole View crew should have read up on how wolves affect an the total ecosystem. Palin has not been using science to back her program. Whoopi leaves you wondering where her head is at. She makes claims of being familiar with the need to cull certain animals to help them from life experience. Hasselback just spews ignorance in pretty much every topic she covers, and doesn't disappoint this time.

But here is some wolf facts they don't consider:

In a pack of wolves, only the Alpha Male and Females are allowed to breed. The others in the Pack help hunt and raise the pups of the pack. So if you kill the stronger males or females, you are basically weakening the whole pack. (Sterilization is not the answer either, as the weaker will then mate.) Instead of the strongest and smartest leading, you’ll have inexperienced, weaker wolves in charge.

With a weaker wolf hunting base, elk and Caribou herds will lose the natural predator that keeps the sick and weak from overwhelming and weakening the herds. At the same time, hunters will be taking down the strong elk, leaving the herds heavy with weak sick animals.

Wolves do not hunt the strong bull elk that humans prefer to hunt. They go after young, wounded and sickly animals. By taking them out of the equation, you are not ensuring there are more animals for hunters to hunt, but rather ensuring that there won’t be desirable animals to hunt in the future.

Back in 1983 there was a movie called Never Cry Wolf that touched on this issue years ago.


jmc said...

Buck Elk?

No Bull!

Anonymous said...

RICHARD, your political foolishness is only eclipsed by your ignorance on this issue. I don't know which is worse,you allegiance to PETA or HCDCC propaganda. Either way,just gag me with a spoon.

MKM said...

anonymous 3:12............propaganda?dear one the science is very solid on the mechanics of a wolf pack,sadly you just spew instead of searching for yourself.By the way while you are gagging yourself with your spoon go ahead and use a serving spoon and shove it all the way down. MKM

Anonymous said...

Sign me up I'll help me cull a few:)

Anonymous said...

You want to know about wolves and Sarah Palin? You need to go beyond a silly little blog and a silly little TV show to get the facts.

Wolves typically go after easy kill, but also go after big game. There are many docs that educate on this fact.

The focus on Sarah Palin as a hater of wolves is purely political. There is much scientific evidence to back her.

Butch Otter, gov of Idaho is a wolf hater and made that publicly clear. The real problem with wolves is not in Alasaka, but in Idaho and Montana.

Groups like Peta and Defenders of Wildlife have both a political and monetary agenda and care very little for the causes they represent. If they did care, their focus would be in Idaho.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance!! Just read this
blog..Spoken like a true

Anonymous said...

Let us Caribou proliferate???? Affect an the total ecosystem??????
Talk about spewing ignorance!!!!!

samoasoftball said...

Some ignorant anonymous wiener's answers:

"RICHARD, your political foolishness is only eclipsed by your ignorance on this issue."

"You need to go beyond a silly little blog and a silly little TV show to get the facts."

"Ignorance!! Just read this
blog..Spoken like a true

"Let us Caribou proliferate???? Affect an the total ecosystem??????
Talk about spewing ignorance!!!!!"

And Yet, no facts to back up their ignorant claims. I noted facts about wolves. You just take shots at me with no basis. Identify yourselves and give me facts!

Jeff Muskrat said...

Since there are far too many humans, should we start culling them too?

Maybe we should start with the most consumptive, destructive and ignorant "wieners"? You know, the one's who voted for McCain/Palin.

We could call it Natural Selection.

samoasoftball said...

Jeff: Now that was funny! And a good analogy.

Anonymous said...

Richard, go to the door your daily delivery of HCDCC cool-aid is here.

prof said...

The only fact is you don't know how to spell or punctuate.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you watch "The View" is enough to convince me of your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

here's what a biologist says who actually worked in AK

Anonymous said...

The facts are easy for any computer user to get, provided they have a brain and don't believe the first thing they read.

The fact that you have to make that statment shows how silly the blogger is behind the silly blog.

But if that is too hard, get a book called "Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation". It is considered the "wolf bible". Co edited by David Mech. D. Mech is a veteran wolf biologist who has written many books about the subject. is the website for David Mech's wolf sanctuary. One will get many reputable facts.

Also if those suggestions are not enough check out Isle Royale. The only island I know of that is solely dedicated to the research of how wolves and moose interact.

The fact that big non profits are just as corrupt as big corporations and big government can also be found on the internet.

for example one of the cofounders of GreenPeace publicly stated that Greenpeace has been politically highjacked. (google it)

great Alaska magazine article

Elisabeth hasselbeck hair said...

Oh I find it depressing when people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck are allowed to express opinions willy nilly to an entire population, especially about things she knows nothing about - although this delusional being often is unaware of being the clown in the circus. The producers of the view keep her on for her ignorance not in spite of it.