Monday, February 02, 2009

Yes, Yet another Special Water Board Meeting for Evergreen. Tuesday Feb 3rd at 11am.

828 7th Street, Eureka

Agenda for Special Meeting of Board of Directors

February 3, 2009 11:00a.m.




1. Wholesale Water Contract with Industrial Customer (Evergreen Pulp):
a. Status report re: payment default and possible sale of the mill;

b. Consideration and possible approval to implement additional default remedies, up to and including termination of water service;

c. Consideration and possible approval to release portion of existing liens (conditioned on certain information being presented to the District by Evergreen and/or prospective buyer);

d. Consideration of possible short-term water service arrangement to the mill if prospective buyer is successful in purchasing the mill;

2. Wholesale Water Contracts More Generally

a. Status report regarding notice to wholesale Municipal Customers re: possible loss of mill and need to restructure wholesale water contracts Discussion regarding work plan to address potential loss of the mill

AWPPW Local 49 President Tom Reilly would like as many members of local 49 to be there as possible. Please show up if you can.


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
A more important issue for the former employees of Evergreen Pulp are the unpaid medical claims. As of this morning the balance due is $277,701.01. This will fall back to the employees being invoiced directly if not paid from the sale of the mill. You better make as much noise as possible.
Jeff Pauli
Western Self-Insurance Service

Anonymous said...

Silly Question:
How can Local 49 members find out about these meetings in advance?

samoasoftball said...

10:13pm-Jeff, Thanks for coming to the meeting today and giving update. Our local standing committee was meeting with Tsang and Simpson today concerning this issue.

1:10pm-It was a special meeting so there was little notice. I posted about it yesterday, and Tom Reilly e-mailed the membership yesterday also. The TS had a story this morning.

Anonymous said...

Silly Comment:
I am a member in good standing who has e-mailed Tom. No joy.

Anonymous said...

So what was the outcome of the meeting?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wishes to be on the email list to receive HBMWD Board agendas when they are posted can do so.

Just contact the Water District: 443-5018 and ask to be put on the list. They will take your email.

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap