Monday, May 25, 2009

Samoasoftball Weaverville Invitational Results. And, why do people do this?

Weaverville: Dan Sutherland hit the lone home run in the Championship game leading Ray Wolfe Construction of Arcata to an 8-3 victory over Unagi from Yreka at the Weaverville Memorial Weekend Invitational hosted by Samoa Athletic Club. R-Co Construction finished in 3rd Place.

Mike Dobrec was named Most Valuable Player and Jacob Kadle Most Valuable Pitcher for Wolfe. All Tournament players were Matt Socha and Jared Harpe from Wolfe, Ryan Jackson, J.J. Cascarina and Justin Gerding of Unagi, Tim Hunt and Toye Johnson from R-Co Construction and George Seele of Samoa Athletic Club. (Just an added note, Dave Rhodes for SAC only made a few outs in the tournament. He was deserving of an selection but SAC only had one pick.)

Todd Canfield of Weaverville won the Home Run Contest for the second straight year, hitting 5 out 10 out of the park.

I had a team from a team from Happy Camp show up to the tournament somehow thinking this was a co-ed tournament. They got back in the cars when they saw the teams and left. They did not let me know they were going home. This has been an annual men's tournament (Although women have participated on the men's teams in the past.) for many years. That left a hole in the bracket and me out $250. If you are going to travel that far you might as well have played. Robin and I have hosted over 100 tournaments through the years and have seen about every scenario played out, and we survived this one too. We have at least 4 more to go this summer.

Other than that, it was a fun event. People yelling for the umpires head on a platter, chest to chest arguments, BBQ galore, close home run contest and stories of escapades at the Diggin's and the New Yorker Saloon.

The July 4th Weaverville Invitational is just around the corner!


realsoftball said...

The team that was from Happy Camp wasn't the Karuk Tribe. They are a team from Happy Camp. While reading the SDN your posting for a tournament clearly stated co-ed. Maybe you should advertise correctly. We did travel quite a distance to have fun and play other teams. Too bad you aren't litterate enough to draft your announcements correctly. Had you been honest we may have told you we were leaving, but with the lack of organization shown we didn't think you would even notice... well maybe after you suckered $250 from a CO-ED team. Get your S$%* together!!!

Anonymous said...

We did travel quite a distance and had every intention of playing. We came down Friday night and were ready to play on Saturday just to show up and see a all mens tourney. Why should we just fork over $250.00 to play in a tournament that is all mens. Our team was a Co-Ed team and that is what we came to play. As you had stated Saturday this is not the first time this has happened. And we were by no means a Karuk Tribe team we were from Happy Camp so there you go ago saying things that are not true. Never did we say we had any affilation with the Karuk Tribe. Whatever this is complete BS.

samoasoftball said...

Realsoftball-SDN? Don't know what that is. I posted this tournament on and here is the Press release I sent to newspapers:

"Samoa Athletics will host the Weaverville Memorial Weekend Softball Invitational Men’s Softball Tournament May 24th and 25th 2008 at Lowden Park in Weaverville, California. Each team is guaranteed 3 games. 5 Home runs allowed and then equalizer. Unlimited height pitch. Cost: $250 per team. Contact Richard Marks at 707-445-3432 or at"

I distributed flyers all over Northern Ca that had the same information. I have never held a co-ed tournament. And I have held many tournaments. I was offered a check sent for your team, but I said for you to go ahead and bring it. I was not going to "sucker" anyone out of money. Those who know me would verify that.

I akso checked all the e-mails from your team from 5/4/09 on and all my responses. There is nothing about Co-ed!

samoasoftball said...

Sorry. My contact was from the tribe. I corrected my post. I was in no way trying to extort anything from anyone. Sorry for the bad experience.

If you are interested to play in one of my tournaments in the future, I will not charge your team as an olive branch. The next in Weaverville is July 4th weekend. It is a men's but women are welcome.

Anonymous said...

good tournament! happy to see the field in working condition after last year's bum deal! see ya in july!

Anonymous said...

It is all good by no means are we trying to make this ugly. Just a mis-understanding and we should ask more questions next time. Good luck with all your future tournaments.

Anonymous said...

Skid Marks throws the best Tournies
Those unhappy Happy Campers are just mad that the Far FromPuken team has not reunited.