Sunday, May 24, 2009

Actual factual BOS annual pay.

I have been corrected on the actual pay via e-mail source. Here is the Humboldt County Board of Supervisor pay:

Supervisor Neely = $84,535

Supervisor Duffy = $76,850

Supervisor Smith = $74,611

Supervisor Lovelace = $74,611

Supervisor Clendenen = $74,611

Supervisors Neely and Duffy are receiving the retro pay due to them from the raise of June 2008. The other three did not accept the raise I am assuming.


jmc said...

I think that we should change how much is paid to the supervisors.
I would be happy to review their performance and decide just how much they are worth.

Like $15.00 per hour that they are doing work that is related to being a supervisor. NO MORE

Anonymous said...

28 to 30 K is right plus their perks. Del Norte sups who really do rep their peps get about 28 K.

No Party said...

Bonnie is now a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

The three didn't take their raises for last year 2008/09. What will all of them do for 2009/2010? They are again scheduled under a three year deal to get raises every year. Bonnie has said that she would give up 10% which is what she makes extra for being in office over 20 years but so far it hasn't happened. Why do they think they should make that much? Recently in the T-S Jimmy Smith was followed around by a reporter. Even though he started his day early with breakfast at a couple of places why was that a necessary thing? There are lots of people that meet with friends for breakfast that have gotten together for years at Toni's and other places but they don't expect to get a big salary just because they do that.

Anonymous said...

The point isn't that they may work hard. Jimmy for sure does a good job even though he often votes poorly. The point is we all work hard and they are payed 3times more than most of us who don't get travel/fuel pay, health insurance and retirement. Bonnie gets a real fancy deal with her coastal commission assignment. While not at her county duties she still draws her full pay. Remember that while you watch them flush another qrt million headwaters dollars down the toilet next week.