Friday, May 29, 2009

Samoa Athletic Club Basketball final.

Our humble little Eureka Basketball League team ended the season with a 12-3 overall record, good enough for 4th place in the City Championship. We did win the second half portion of our league, so we scored another trophy. We had a pretty diverse group this year, 2 players in their 50's, 3 in their 30's and the rest in their 20's. We were led by 6'4" Dave Norton, who will be playing at CR next year. Other players were 6'6" Ron denHeyer, 6'8" Billie Sines, 5'10" Damon Dimmick (Arms of a 7 footer), 6'2" Terry "Mocha" Campbell, 5'10" Wayne Hicks, 6'2" Ben Hicock, 6'1" Max "Skywalker" Schotz, 6'3" Brandon Murphy and on the point, 6'1" Sam Jaskar. It was a fun season. Below is a short clip of the team in action in the Eureka Semi-finals won by Elke's. Elke's lost to Porter Street BBQ in the finals.

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