Sunday, May 31, 2009

Barnstormer's exude good sportsmanship while beating SAC 3-1. Blue Lake wood bat action.

We only had 9 players to start our game against the Hey Juan Barnstormers and we played a hard fought contest. The Barnstormers were 4-0 going into the game and in 1st place. We finally had some re-enforcements late in the game and put them in the order to try to mount a comeback. We had the tieing run come up to bat and the Barnstormer coach Paul Bressoud called timeout while one of our new players came up to bat. He pointed out we were batting out of order and wanted our right player up. He was right, in the confusion of putting the new players in the line-up one of our guys was out of order. He could have waited until after he batted and it would have been an out and we would have lost right there! As it turned out, we were not successful in the comeback due to great fielding by the Barnstormer's. We lost 3-1. That was good sportsmanship on their part but Pat Higgins gets the best of me for the second straight game! Grrrr. We did salvage the second game of the doubleheader. They had the lead, then we had the lead, then they had the lead, and then we finally pulled it off. Whew! The weather was great!

Sideline notes: Perry Price helped us and was the oldest player out there at......70ish. The Barnstormers have at least 5 players over 50 and some great young additions. They do not make many mistakes! Sam Jaskar made some totally sick plays at short for SAC the second straight time. Best in the league. Kris Avelar was within a few inches of on 8 for 8 weekend. Cory Frizell can hit as hard in wood bat as he can in metal bat. Toye Johnson also. If I am not mistaken, the Brewzers are 5-1, Barnstormers 5-1 and SAC 4-2. Any other records out there?

Teams I have played for this season are now 5-4. I will have surgery on June 16th, so I will play as much as I can until then. Toye Johnson did the wrap on my wrist today and I was at least able to swing. Thanks Toye!


3B said...

Sounds like they are better sports than Babes, who go by the letter of the law even though they are ahead by 100 runs.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself 3B.

Anonymous said...

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