Saturday, April 18, 2009

Samoasoftball makes over 1.3 million dollars!

It took over 35 years though. Where did it all go? I figure about $429,000 in taxes. Maybe $390,000 housing and heating. Here are some interesting breakdowns:

During these decades I made-

1970's $28,911------------------Highest annual $7,960

1980's $292,840---------------Highest annual $38,240

1990's $431,808----------------Highest annual $58,300

2000's $545,811 (so far)-----Highest annual $76,665

Interesting facts Presidential wise:

A Republican (Nixon) was in office during my least annual earnings.

A Democrat (Clinton) was in office during my highest annual earnings.

My annual wages never went over $8,000 during Ford's time in office.

When Carter was in office my annual wages went from $5,650 to $26,047.

It wasn't until the 3rd year of Reagan's term until I earned over $20,400!

My wages flat lined in Reagan's years from 84' to 88' from $32,797 to $34,809.

The Bush Sr. years saw my wages go from $38,240 to $37,682.

In Clinton's first year in I had an annual earning of $29,958. The next year $34,685. The next $40,676. I peaked out in 2000 at $76,665.

When Bush Jr. took office I was making $69,204. The next year I was at $56,546. The next $54,258. I bottomed out this last year at $45,299.

My longest unemployment stretches? Always with a Republican in office.

My workplace closed with a Chinese Company while, you got it, a Republican was in office.

And you wonder why I am a Democrat? For the good of my economic survival!


Anonymous said...

I still wonder...but you did have
a job. If the greenies & lefties
like you get their way on everything we wont have
anything left here to worry about..

Rambo said...

Hmmm looks like your wages went up just about the same time as drastic price increases across the board?

Anonymous said...

How did any of those Presidents affect the amount of overtime you worked?

Anonymous said...

Could it be because overtime is effected by the product need which is effected by the economy?