Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Humboldt Literacy Project Trivia Challenge winner is not Samoasoftball! How did that happen?

The event was dominated by Trinacria, who answered 22 questions correctly beating the field of 20 teams. Walt Frazer, Kitty Yancheff and Cecelia Holland made up the winning powerhouse. The Avant Gardes team I was on placed sixth. Salvador Taberez and Hans Gerstacke were my teammates that had to overcome a huge handicap...... that would be me. If we had to do it over, we could have probably squeezed out 4 more correct answers and been in the medals but we may have answered too quickly on a few. I screwed up one question about who wrote the song "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. I was sure it was Hank Williams Sr. and Sal said it was Willie Nelson. I told him that no way Willie had wrote it since Patsy sung it in the 50's. Sal was right. Oops. Might have caused us to slip a place. Sal and I tag teamed on Sports and Hans was awesome on Geography. It was a fun event and for a good cause.

I didn't win anything in the dutch raffle and just figured it was not my day. I had 20 dollars I earmarked for the slots on my way out of Cher-Ae Heights Casino, who graciously donated the venue for the event. I sat down to a young lady who must not have played the slots much as she was pretty excited to win $20. I was just enjoying listening to her bantering with her friends when I noticed I had just won $250 on the 25 cent machine. Good thing for me as I need new tires on one of my cars!

The Great Humboldt Trivia Challenge is a great fundraiser for the Humboldt Literacy Project. Hope to see you next year.


Carson Park Ranger said...

The judge congratulates the Avant Gardes on what was, by far, the most interesting answer (which was judged valid on the basis of being "admirably arcane." And congratulations to Mr. Marks for his personal winnings and for coming out to help.

samoasoftball said...

"No, they didn't "win," but the Blogging team put on the best performance at the Great Humboldt Trivia Challenge. Emcee Cosmic Charlie asked, "What nation is Ouagadougou the capital of?" Only a few teams knew that it is Burkina Faso, but the blogging team didn't settle for the obvious answer; Upper Volta was their answer. The judge, amazed, ruled the answer "admirably arcane" in favor of the bloggers."

Technically our team was correct though! Just a few years too late. We look forward to redeem ourselves next year. Although Sal and Hans might be scouting out better information sources.

Nick said...
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Nick said...
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Nick said...

Kitty is my Mom. I feel that for the sake of disclosure, I should mention the my Dad is one heck of a softball player as well. He plays for Babe's Pizza "One for the Road" I think he still hits cleanup too.

Carol said...

Thank you for participating in such a worthy event!

We couldn't make it this year, but sent a donation. Anyone that wants to can send a donation to:

Humboldt Literacy Project
P.O. Box 6402
Eureka, CA 95502