Friday, April 17, 2009

CR men and women ball teams have good day. Lassen long time coach tossed!

I went to watch some ball today at CR. It was cold and dreary. A normal Humboldt County day. Caitlin Wallace pitched a solid game, and CR had a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the 6th. With a runner at second, a CR girl hit single between 1st and 2nd and Lassen's right fielder charged the ball and threw a strike at the plate. The catcher caught the ball and tagged the runner out and then when she brought her glove up to her neck, she bobbled the ball. The plate umpire was trying to get a good look and on his angle thought she had no control from the start. Lassen coach, Glen Yonan, who has coached Lassen for 20 years came out to argue the call with his assistant coach. Their was no dirt kicking or swear words, the coach just wanted to get in his 2 cents. The field ump came in and told the assistant coach to leave the field. Then coach Yonan told the field umpire he had been patient for 6 innings with the plate umpire. And then he was tossed. And shocked that he had been thrown out. That meant he could not coach the next game. I just feel that was a quick trigger when you have to travel so far to get here. No wonder GVC coaches hate coming up here. CR went on to win 3-1, and Chenone Blake pitched good and won 5-2 in the second game of the twinbill.

The CR men's beat up Lassen 18-8 in the first game with Zach O'Hanen pitched a gutsy game. Both teams were raking! What sparked the CR team emotionally was yet another play at home plate. Lassen was trying to score a runner from second and the throw was at the plate before the runner got there, but it went by the catcher and he was plowed over by the runner. Catcher Justin Yslas looked no worse for the wear, but the CR players took offense to the hard hit. CR coach Zeigler went out and let his feelings be known. But no tossing by these umpires. Matt Landing hit the ball solid all game and the rest was history. I left before the end of the second game.

The CR men's team play a single game tommorrow.

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