Friday, October 10, 2008

Shane Brinton at Arcata Arts Alive!

City Council candidate Shane Brinton will hold an informal meet-and-greet event on tonight during "Arts Alive" in Arcata. The event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at Prosperity Real Estate, located at 839 9th St., near the Plaza. And he did. Shane Brinton for Arcata City Council. I feel Shane will be a great addition to the Arcata City Council.

This last Wednesday Arcata City Council candidates weigh in on issues on a KEET forum. Shane was far above all the other candidates with addressing pertinent issues for the City of Arcata and giving solutions. Michael Winkler did OK but seemed tense and nervous. Susan Ornelas seemed like she was comfortable but is she a Liberal/Conservative? Michael Machi came across all right. Same old. Jason Grow has a future in politics, he surprised me with his candor. Geronimo Garcia was entertaining and did bring up points from his perception from the streets. Entertaining anyways.

I feel Shane will bring a great dynamic change to Arcata government. He is a social liberal with fiscal conservative tendencies. I think he is able to leave his politics "at the door" and react to issues without partisan pressure. He has shown that as a board member with the Northern Humboldt Union High School District and I know he will continue this at the Arcata City Council level as well.

So if you have an extra $170 (Max amount allowed in Arcata races) laying around earmarked for a political candidate for the Arcata City Council race or you have a high profile/traveled sign placement, please call Shane's campaign.

As far as "Arts Alive Arcata" Robin and I went around the Arcata Plaza and were constantly pan-handled to the point of almost ridiculous. I mean, when you are stuffing your face with food or smoking or drinking and asking for change, I am not feeling overly generous. And normally I am an easy touch. I want to help people who need help and this makes picking those out hard. Shane and I argued over which "Arts Alive" was better, the Arcata or Eureka venues. I argued for Eureka, because it is the best. Hands down.


wooxen said...

The first time I met Shane was at a Richard Marks for Supervisor fundraiser. Shane was collecting the admission fee at the door and tried to short change me.

Anonymous said...

Arcata has become such a shithole. AA in Eureka is obviously better. As for Shane, I remember when the ungrateful little lout sold you out Richard. He got downright mean and nasty blaming you for the last supervisors campaign. He has never earned your endorsement. He hasn't earned much has he? If Shane thinks Arts Alive in Arcata is better than Eureka, his judgment is WAY OFF. This is exactly the kind of person voters should steer clear of.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you support the campaign contribution cap which Arcata has enjoyed for the last 15 years, Richard. Sure works great at keeping big money out of Arcata Council races, and in a constitutional way, huh?

Don't you wish you had pushed for these kind of limits for county supervisor races, Marks, instead of drinking the Measure T koolaid?

samoasoftball said...

I support campaign reform in many shapes or forms. Measure T was the only one being served to the public in the form of an election. It may not have been perfect, but the intent was to my liking.

Man this thread got ugly quickly.

Shane ran my campaign expecting no compensation! He did not sell me out. He helped me when other Democrats ran away from me. I am still indebted to him and consider him a good friend. And yes, we do disagree at times but still get along.

Not voting for Shane because he likes Arts Alive in Arcata better than Eureka? I hope you are not a voter.

Anonymous said...

straight edge = i don't get it!

if you can't trust yourself with a drink, how can we trust you?
not blaming you for sobriety, i'm just saying...