Sunday, October 26, 2008

Car count. McCain 13 Obama 1.

McCain was interviewed in Detroit and said, " I've bought American literally all my life and I am proud." In real life (Since he deals so much in the fantasy world) he was taken to task about his daughter Meghan's Toyota Prius by United Auto Workers president Ron Gettelfinger.

Obama's one vehicle is a Ford Escape Hybrid and his one car before that was a Chrysler.

McCain's fleet includes an UNAMERICAN made:

2005 Volkswagen
2001 Honda
(Meghan's) Toyota

McCain's AMERICAN made fleet:

2004 Cadillac CTS
2007 Ford Truck
1960 Willys Jeep
2008 Jeep Wrangler
2000 Lincoln
2001 GMC SUV
3 2000 NEV Gem electric cars

Cindy's ride is a Lexus with personal plates that read MS BUD. Cute.

Ok. Ok. I have to admit Robin and I have a fleet of our own that includes a 1995 BMW. But our other 5 cars are American: 2002 PT Cruiser, 1998 Mercury Tracer, 1997 Ford Escort and 2 1985 Ford Rangers. I have had many cars, but only a few were not American.


Anonymous said...

And it's good that you let all those cars rust in your front yard. Right here in the USA. That way the rust minerals stay domestic.

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Rose said...

Honda. Best cars in the whole wide world.

"Bob" said...

You say Cindy's personal plates read MS BUD?

I'm thinking she'd fit right in here in Humboldt...

Rambo said...

I have always owned american except for one car in hih school, an english ford called a anglia. Though with the price of gas i am looking hard at a prius or a smartcar. Even though gas is droping, here in portland at costco this morning i paid 2.41 a gallon. under 30 bucks to fill my grand am WOW

Anonymous said...

Many Toyotas are made in the USA. Where were the electronic components found in your American cars made?

Clutch said...

So McCain has three dependable cars out of ten?

Rambo said...

"Clutch said...
So McCain has three dependable cars out of ten?"

And the rest of his cars will fit more then wwo comfortably, wont shake you apart at 70 on the freeway and you may actually survive a high speed crash in them

Carol said...

Rambo, I think the lower gas prices are due to the upcoming election.

We own 2 Toyotas, one a hybrid, both are made in Tennessee. We have an older Chrysler Sebring convertible for summer day's.

Chris Crawford said...

If you buy a car new off the showroom floor, you are profiting the manufacturer and his sales representative.

If you buy a used car, you profit the one selling it to you and the manufacturer gets squat, unless you purchase some new part made by that car company.

Finally, most Toyotas, for instance, are manufactured here, while most Jeeps are manufactured in Mexico.

We live in a complicated world, Richard!!

Rambo said...

Carol,if they do go back up after the election I at least have my great americian made Harley. And I do ride in the oregon rain, to many years used to Humboldt fog and rain. I think I may have thicker skin then the native Portlanders. LOL

Anonymous said...

Richard if, and that's a big IF, Obama only has one car then someone is driving him and Michelle around all the time, as in chauffer.

And my Toyota is made in the USA. Many VW's are made in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Where is the steel for all the American made cars manufactured?