Thursday, October 02, 2008

KEET debate for the 2nd Supervisorial District.

Many people probably missed the debate last night due to Suddenlink cable outages. Robin and I watched it on an old Black and White portable TV with an antenna. Johanna Rodoni came out strong in her opening statement, but seemed confused when answering questions and even a bit nervous. Estelle Fennell was pretty consistent and well spoken all debate. Clif Clendenen seemed to be well prepared by memorizing his opening statement, but I could see he lost some of his points and had to end abruptly. When Code enforcement was brought up, it seemed that Estelle had the best answer that was agreed upon by Clif and Johanna had trouble answering. I thought that this would be her strong point. When the General plan options were brought forward, Clif was the only one that identified his preference.....kind of. He chose plan A or B or maybe A- and B+. Johanna and Estelle were evasive. Overall I thought that Clif and Estelle were about equal, and that Johanna lagged way behind. But this is a nerve wracking venue. The 2nd District has a tough choice.


Anonymous said...

I thought Estelle was the best by far. Clif seemed a little unsure at times, and Johanna seemed very uncomfortable. Johanna might be a nice person, but she is not Roger; not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

When people ask "What plan are you for A,B,C,D" is not helpful at all. 95% of people do not even know what you're talking about when you say that.

I heard Estelle giving the best answer Re: the general plan. She explained that in terms of land use planning, it was not acceptable to have a plan that was extreme on either end. One extreme being unchecked development that would harm our beautiful environment, and the other extreme too restrictive where people will not be able to live on the land and raise their family.
She said she wants the Gen. Plan to reflect those rural values. This is why I am voting for Estelle. she has common sense and is looking out for country folk like me and my family.