Saturday, October 25, 2008

Perfect day in Humboldt to catch 5 different sports venues! Shane Brinton endorsed by Eureka Reporter!?!?

Went to watch the Al Cooper Softball Tournament at HSU. Had to park quite a hike away. Then had to maneuver through the construction.

There was a big Lacroose Tournament going on at Redwood Bowl. Bright colored teams with sticks. I don't get it.

HSU and College of the Redwoods had a great game going. HSU clung on to a 1-0 lead going into the bottom of the 6th inning. Jessy D'Eliso for CR had pitched a 2 hitter to this point against a team with 3 All Americans for HSU. (Caitlan Klug, Chrissy Motzney and Natalie Gallety?) Kristina Lewis pitched for HSU and looked OK. (Hannah Mullen-Jones is coaching the CR pitchers. With Jessy and Chenone Blake from Hoopa, this might be a banner year for CR in the GVC.

I left in the middle of the next game between HSU and Shasta with HSU one run behind and went to check out the new HSU sports facility. Wow, way impressive. This new basketball court will host 1,900 fans comfortably. The HSU men's basketball team was scrimmaging itself in split squads. There were 5 different local referees splitting time reffing. The HSU team look athletic and fast. But erratic with their 3 point shooting. (Why waste millions of dollars on a facility that only holds 600 more than the east gym? And the old pool wasn't that bad. How about more books and teachers up there? And yes, the parking still is terrible!)

Next I drove to CR to watch the Corsairs against Marin. Here is a scoop! Nick Bennett from Florida had 5 sacks to beat Line Backer coach Tino Romero's old record of 4! Running Back Lydon Rowells was stopped for minus yardage at least 6 times and was injured in the third quarter and sat out for awhile.....and still topped 100 yards in a 21-8 CR victory and a share of 1st place. QB Sergio Allen had a solid game. Local Wide Receiver Ronnie Webb (His dad Ronnie played for this same CR football team over 30 years ago) had three catches and needs more thrown his way. Two of his grabs were diving catches. Freshman Otis Wiley filled in for Rowells a few times and looks like he will have a huge season next year. I do like the "Fast Break" type offense that CR runs, but it seems that Rowells reps are too predictable. They need to find more ways to get him the ball in the open. And the CR football team seems to have a huge injured list! I bet they have nearly 20 players out right now. Why is that? There were some vicious hits in this game, so there may be more for the injured list. In the background I could see the CR baseball team playing South Western Oregon, and it seemed many hits were coming off the bats of SWOCC.

Shane Brinton endorsed by The Eureka Reporter? Robin and I went out for pizza and beer with long time friends. I was brought to the carpet over my written endorsement/Letter to the editor for Shane. (My good buddy is a Conservative Republican.) I shrugged it off and went to the rack for a Eureka Reporter. I asked him if this was his newspaper of choice and if he agreed with their conservative values. He said "yes." So I opened up the ER to the editorial page and had him read, "Young, bright, energetic and realistic about the issues. From hobnobbing with Marxists as a youth, he has come a long way. Today, he could best be described as a progressive who seeks to understand both sides of an issue. Favors light industrial parks for “green” energy businesses." My buddy said he would have to re-access his view on Shane.

Can't wait to see the Times Standard picks.


Anonymous said...

McCain and Shane in '08!

Who would have thought it?

Anonymous said...

Shane's endorsement was a throw in pick to appear unbiased. They would never had done the same in Eureka.

Rambo said...

Any good game with sticks should have pads, a puck, men missing teeth and some god ice fights :)

Anonymous said...

The ER also endorsed the progressive candidates for Water Board, Tera Prucha and Stephen Davies. And they endorsed other mainstream Democrats like Chesbro and Thompson.

I'm glad the ER is finally breaking out of the Republican mold in favor of some moderation.