Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden vs Palin.

Biden came across as the definite best information source. Palin hit a high point when she made a comment that she is not part of the Washington Machine and can't understand why politicians would vote yes on one thing and then no on the same thing later. She made it clear she was not a Washington insider. (Hey Sarah, Bridge to no where!) Platform, Talking points and attacking points. She did well. Asked policy procedure substance wise, nothing. "You Betcha. Get back to ya!"

Obviously Biden could have ate her alive fact wise. But he did not. Kind of weird really. He was in a no win zone.


Rose said...

Don't be too sad. he hit every single democratic talking point like a good boy. You should be proud.

But he lost.

Ifill won, she did a good and fair job despite her baggage.

But Palin cleaned his clock.

Anonymous said...

Rose, is it really such an accomplishment to look like less than a creep than Joe Biden?

(coming from a flaming liberal who resents Biden's suppression of state medical marijuana laws for cancer patients)

Anonymous said...

You could have and probably did ate the whole pizza.

Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to make sense, 7:44? If so, how?

Anonymous said...

But Palin cleaned his clock.

Yes, if you are judging them only on spunkyness then, yes, Palin won. If you judge them on experience, facts, knowledge, or actual understanding of the issues, then Biden won by a long shot.

Palin doesn't come across as genuine, but rather as a cartoon character of the spunky, perky hockey mom.

Anonymous said...



Eric V. Kirk said...

But he lost.

The polls are saying otherwise Rose. I know, "there's only one poll that matters." But I think she made her base happy. There's no evidence that anybody else was impressed.

Meanwhile, Biden drew some blood. Not from Palin, but from McCain.

Carson Park Ranger said...

" it really such an accomplishment to look like less than a creep than Joe Biden?"

Good point — and I'm so glad that Joe Biden doesn't wink at us.

Anonymous said...

Boy, CPR, that is really deep.

Where are my waders?