Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tomaso's vs. Barn Stormers. Hope to "De-Rail" Higgins.

The Tomaso softball team has been the most dominate wood bat team for the last 5 plus years. We will play the Barn Stormers in the Semi-Finals to see who is the front runner in the 2008 wood bat championship in Willow Creek. The Tomaso team has 3 players over 50 years of age and the rest are over 40 or 30, and one just over 20. Humboldt Harbor Commissioner Pat Higgins plays for the Barn Stormer team, and we hope to dominate their challenge. Our game is at 1:40pm at Willow Creek.


Carol said...

We were late getting to the blogger's picnic. So sorry to have missed you. How did the game go?

samoasoftball said...

We lost, then we won, then we won again, and then we lost. Oh well, had fun and can't wait til next year!