Saturday, September 06, 2008

Softball Next Weekend at Big League Dreams! League season done for me. Local Football observations.

Next weekend (Sept. 13th) I am hosting a softball tournament at Big League Dreams Redding. Contact me if you want to play. The Chuckster is hosting the Beer League Wood Bat Championships at Willow Creek Sept. 20th and 21st. Live music!

Tomaso's was eliminated this year from the Arcata city playoffs quickly. Out n 2 & BBQ. We did win the Blue Lake City title though. My Eureka team, R-Co Builders, did not compete in the City playoffs. There were not enough "C" division teams wanting to play. Bummer. The Senior League did not have a playoff. Thank goodness. League teams I played for this year were a combined 24 wins 34 loses. 23-15 excluding the Senior League. In Tournaments my teams have been 26-21. 50-55 total. One 1st place, two 2nds, one 3rd and two 4ths. Have probably 5 tourneys left for the year. It has been a fun year. I lose a step each year, but gain new friends. So it is all worth it.

Went to the Eureka High JV's game. Freshmen Anthony Hernandez and Rickey Higgins both grew up here in Samoa so I wanted to watch them. (I coached Rickey at Peninsula and Matt Buckman from the Logger varsity team, in Basketball.) Anthony recovered a fumble, but the Loggers could not recover from 3 blocked punts from number 88 of Foothills. You saw that right, three blocked punts by the same kid! Hey some one go stop that guy! I think the final was 22-20 foothill, but I am not sure.....the scoreboard didn't work! The biggest school in the county, and no one in maintenance did a pre-check to make sure the board works? The Eureka varsity is probably glad it didn't, as they were drubbed.

Went to the CR game with Big Union Boss (BUB) Steve Harris. He is working in the San Jose area for the Operating Engineers, but still is holding onto his house in Rio Dell. He rents it out to about a million CR students, and one (Ben Watkins) from Kodiak, Alaska plays defensive line on the CR football team. He was held and double teamed but still had a solid game. Both teams played sloppy. Best crowd I have seen in some time. Lyndon Rowells must have had 200 yards rushing, but CR still managed to lose 32-30 on a last minute touchdown by Siskiyous. Quarterback Sergio Allen made some great throws and runs, but I question why CR did not run more between the tackles. Offensive Lineman Justin Primofiore from Fortuna is 6'5" and 340 and just wipes out people. He should be playing D1 somewhere next year. CR had no luck on sweeps.

CR missed a short 22 yard FG and two extra point attempts. But still did not have a practice kicking net on their side of the field. (Siskiyous did)

Get this fact, out of the 80 some odd players on the CR football team, 24 are from Florida! Only 16 from Humboldt County! I remember a time where this team was predominately Humboldt County alumni. And what happened to our Pacific Islander player connection? Used to have many Samoan and Hawaiian players.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they got tired of playing for a loser.

Allan said...

Fred Whitmire was the connection with the Hawaiian players. He had some friends who were high school coaches over there that would send the players C/R's way.

samoasoftball said...

I talked to a past Islander player who said this coaching staff has lost trust with their community. It seems to ring true, very few are on the team.