Friday, September 19, 2008

Hey EHS! Give that Vainuku kid "Soma" of the ball!

Went to watch the EHS football games tonight against Pleasant Valley. The JV's lost in the 4th Quarter 6-2. Tough loss. Anthony Hernandez (Number 23) had a nice return on a punt. The Wilkinson kid had a good game also. (Their punting team needs to practice!) This JV team should be 2-1.

The EHS varsity team worked hard and was up 21-14 going to the 4th quarter. In the first half, Soma Vainuku had gained nearly 80 yards and had a touchdown. In the 3rd Quarter, he did not touch the ball! I am not a football coach, but I do follow the game some. Soma did touch the ball a few times in the 4th quarter, for about 60 yards! But not the last two series? C'mon! Greg Allen was open and is a weapon the team needs to use. Dallas Mohorovich was stellar on Defense.

And of course the Loggers lost again 27-21. 0-3 on the season. But they will beat up on the local teams later.


Anonymous said...

It must be a wonderful life you lead to be so easily entertained by a high school sporting event. I couldn't even imagine the orgasmic intensity you must feel watching sports center. Your exactly the kind of person who should be elected the board of a $350 Mil + organization.

anonaymous said...

ya lets not get so involved in somthing so insugnificant as high school fotball for christ sake. Dont you know we have more important things to be serious about like Measure T, inclusionary zoning the various segments of the general plan, and oh ya, the next meeting of the progressive tight ass comittee which you must be the chairman of.