Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Drumroll...Nov. Local Candidates and their Party affiliations. By Marks! (Progressive in waiting)

I went to the Humboldt County Elections office today and asked Jenny there if I could have the current roster of candidates for this coming November election and their political affiliation. She looked at me wide-eyed and seemed upset, and told me it would “take awhile.” I don’t remember going into this office too often where I didn’t feel like a bad guy for asking for information. Like pulling teeth. And I have used this office more than most I am sure. So here is what I have for you ‘all out there who may want to know:

Humboldt County Supervisor 2nd District

Estelle Fennell-Democrat. She has been endorsed by the HCDCC and has been in hyper drive lately. She has an uphill battle still.

Clif Clendenen-No Party. Still don’t know much about the guy. He plays music. Makes cider. Ok then.

Johanna Rodoni-Republican. Write in candidate with little chance. May hand over the seat to Clif. (Taking women vote from Estelle) I was disappointed to hear her saying she was put in an uncomfortable situation when she voted for the County Supervisors large raise. Vote your conscience! And she have any solutions for county code enforcement yet?

Eureka City Council

2nd Ward-

Linda Adkins-Democrat. HCDCC endorsed. New to local politics. Retired Cal Trans worker and union member. She was in the kitchen helping at the HCDCC Chicken by the Sea. I like to see doers! This will be a tough race for her to compete.

Polly Endert-Republican. Big family and friend support. Smart young lady who took her appointment with no political agenda.

4th Ward-

Frank Jager-Republican. Nice guy. 30 years of law enforcement. Scoutmaster. Past Eureka Councilman. Can’t say anything bad about the man. Everyone seems to know Frank. Big name recognition advantage.

George Clark-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Well known business owner of Kyoto’s. Definitely a lefty liberal. Nice friendly guy. This race will come down to which campaign convinces their candidates strengths to their constituents the best. George needs to make this a partisan race to win. Democrats out number Republicans 58% to 39% in Eureka.

Arcata City Council (Three seats available)

Michael Machi-No Party. Incumbent

Michael Winkler-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Ran for this position and came close before. He has already knocked on around 70% of the doors needed. Should do it this time.

Jason Grow-No Party. Into clean energy. Student.

Geronimo Garcia-Green Party. Don’t know this dude either.

Susan Ornelas-Republican. Interesting. I wonder what her agenda is?

Shane Brinton-Democrat. Endorsed by the HCDCC. Political and Union history walking encyclopedia. Shane's work for social justice includes, worker advocacy, renter's rights, homeless support, campaign reform and political education both nationally and locally. Shane is currently an elected official (Youngest in the county) on the Northern Humboldt Union High School District and has made many decisions to help enhance one of the finest school districts in the state.Now go get that checkbook out and help Shane get elected! The limit for individuals to contribute to Shane's campaign is $170 for Arcata elections. (Shameless Marks endorsement)

Fortuna City Council (Two Positions open?)

Don Mayden-American Independent. Whoa! A member of the George Wallace’s party? I wonder if he even knows that he belongs to this racist party? And he wants to help Fortuna? Do what? Hunt Latino workers and chase them to the border?

Odell Shelton Jr.-Republican. Odell has helped baseball players all over the county. Good guy.

Douglas Strehl-Democrat. Incumbent. Must be tough being a Democrat on this council.

Tom Mulholland-Democrat. Are these the only two Democrats in Fortuna? Just joking!

Kenneth Zanzi-Republican. Currently on the Fortuna Planning Commission.

Rio Dell City Council

Richard Leonard-Republican. Incumbent

Marc Barsanti-Republican. Incumbent

Jack Thompson-Republican. I think this might be a past Pulp Mill worker. If it is the Jack I am thinking of, he is a hard worker and a fair man. (And a past monster softball player!)

Blue Lake City Council (2 Seats?)

Meghan Vogel-Democrat. She could be a great councilperson!

Michelle McCall-Wallace-Democrat. I don’t know her.

Karen Barnes-Democrat. Same

Patricia Falor-Democrat. I know here from somewhere.

Alexander Ricca-No Party. I know Alex. He helped me hold a couple of Softball Tournaments years back. Good guy.

Ferndale City Council

For Mayor

Jeff Farley-Democrat. Wow. All that controversy and no challenger? Must be doing something right.

For Council (Two seats)

Kenneth Mierzwa-No Party. Incumbent. I don’t know this guy.

Stuart Titus-Republican. Incumbent. I have talked with Stu. He is a nice open guy.

David Walters-Republican. Don’t know this guy.

Shannon Leonardo-Democrat. I vaguely know Shannon.

Trinidad City Council (2 seats)

Julie Fulkerson-Democrat. Julie is more than qualified. Trinidad is lucky!

Michael Morgan-No Party. Don’t know him.

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Division 1

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap-Democrat. What? I thought she was a Green Party member. This is why you have to question the information you get at the Humboldt County Elections office. Where is Dave Berman when you need him?

Stephen Davies-Democrat. I don’t know Stephen.

Division 2

Edward “Buzz” Webb-Democrat. Don’t have the “buzz” on him.

Tera Prucha-Democrat. Came and talked to the HCDCC. Very well educated and has plenty of qualifications.

Jake Pickering-Democrat. Now wait a doggone minute! He ran for the HCDCC out of Arcata. Then Water Board in Eureka. Then CR trustee. Then HCDCC in Eureka and now Water Board out of McKinleyville. Where does Jake really live? Kinda like where’s Waldo? I have not met Jake. Seems like he is everywhere and nowhere. Eerie.

Ben Shepherd-Republican. Controversy follows Ben. Will he run against Jill later?

Adrienne Floreen-No Party. Good to see many people running and getting involved.

Division 3

Barbara Hecathorn-Republican. Incumbent.

Robert Shultz-Democrat. Don’t know Robert.

Southern Humboldt Community Hospital District

Judith Gonzales-Democrat

David Kirby-Democrat

Chloe Wilson-American Independent. Why do they belong to a racist party?

Nancy Wilson-Democrat

Ed Smith-Democrat

If anyone out there has more dirt on any of these candidates, please feel free to contribute!


Anonymous said...

Great gathering of info.

Anonymous said...

Shane is a nice fellow who has done zero on the school board. Everyone will be glad to move him on. The only member with less to show for a term on the school board was Kathy Marshal. I think you proggies would support a turd if it would bark your party line. Arcata should be a perfect fit for a smiling do nothing.

Carol said...

The Division 1 candidates are both members of the Green Party.

samoasoftball said...

Carol: Are you sure? This is the most current info the Humboldt Elections office said they had.

Rose said...

I may have to re-read that, because I don't think I saw "Progressive" on the list anywhere.

Yet George Clark's fundraising message reads this way: :Dear Friend:

I am writing you today to ask for your assistance. Since I have announced my intention to run for City Council, I have been heartened by your expressions of support. Now with Democrat Linda Atkins joining with me to run for Eureka's City Council, we have the first opportunity in 150 years to form a progressive voting majority for the citizens of Eureka!"

The first time in 150 YEARS!!! WOW! How have we survived?

Carol said...

Well, I got my information from Milt Boyd. I believe his information was up to date.

Anonymous said...

Johanna staying in the race benefits Estelle. Johanna cannot win a write campaign, so there is no reason to vote for cliff just for that reason.

There is going to be a higher turnout for this election because of the presidential race. Plus people are really motivated to get Estelle elected this time around and will come out and vote her in.

Ace said...

Comrade Marx. Just because George Wallace was a racist does not mean that everyone in the American Independent Party is too. Besides, Wallace ran for president 40 years ago. Time to move on Richard. This just shows what a horse's ass you are. And you call yourself a progressive. I think you are regressing here.

Odell Shelton is a great guy ... if you like rednecks.

High Plains Drifter said...

Do we think that the local unions are drooling to endorse the Progressives?? Do we think they are eager to embrace wind power, candle making, and blacksmithing?? Gotta get back to smelting my own steel now...

Shane said...

Zero? Really? How many school board meetings have you been to anonymous?

If you want to identify yourself and meet me for coffee, we can talk about the district and what I've been working on.

Anonymous said...

Zero +0 still equals zero. Get a job,buy a house,pay taxes,grow up. You can be a positive member of our community. Sucking up to another zero like Cheesebro shows us what we can expect to get from you in your current mold. You are a perfect fit for the nuts-o arcata crowd. I go to most school board meetings and you are better than Marshal but you have no depth. That takes life experiance which you lack.

samoasoftball said...

8:31pm-Buy a house! OK. The median price of a house in Humboldt County is over $300,000. So Shane, you need a job that pays over $80,000 a year for you to buy that house. I am sure you and Monica fit that economic profile. Good grief anonymous, that is why we need new people to help us! Can you afford to buy a house here? Then you are around a 8% minority. I will stop now. You just piss me off. Bite me!

Anonymous said...

Shannon Leonardo, Democrat, is running for Ferndale City Council.

Is this the Shannon Leonardo who tried to push the psychologist out of his home office in Ferndale?

Remember? Shannon and his uncle Rich Leonardo tried to shut down the home office of a psychologist in Ferndale because he was GAY! And because he was a member of a church that the Leonardos did not approve of. And because they were afraid people coming into their neighborhood to keep appointments for counseling sessions might do something wild and crazy.

There is a DVD of the Ferndale City Council meeting where that controversy erupted. You owe it to yourself to see it, Richard, especially if you are planning to evaluate Shannon Leonardo's fitness for office.

Anonymous said...

Geronimo killed many Americans in his time. How odd for someone to go through life in the 21st Century with such a name.

Anonymous said...

Don't piss down your leg while you whine. If Shane wanted to buy a fixer-upper or a mobile like most of us did to get started while we made 2.20 an hr and took a night job too he could buy a house. Hell he could get on the Arcata hand out list for a cheep loan. BUT hey he'd have to work two jobs and maybe wipe the slim off his hands from hanging with cheesebro. Come to think of it you piss me off. The poor hard working folks nabbed by ICE today were probably buying their homes but again they WORK! Something you do Richard. Something your radical list running for office doesn't support. Don't give me their lip service line of bull. You need to wake up and realize that you are with the wrong side. So is Shane. Tell him to get a job or two and buy a home. Tell his partner to help then they'll understand what they only talk about now.

High Plains Drifter said...

Everything you have mentioned, anon 12:46, is what we have come to know as Progressive- it has finally come out in the open for all to see. It's a new and desired way of life. Those progs who run for office feed on and perpetuate this unproductive behavior and thought process. This is all about tearing people Down(and keeping them there)in order to serve their own selfish needs. The underprivileged are pawns for their ambition. There is no self responsibilty in this world. Life is just one big Roman orgy on Plaza for them while the rest of us were born to support their lifestyle with our tax dollars. Shane B. is a young Bambi, as gullible as Pinnochio, and only sees the world negatively. Along with his Power Base, he encourages more people to enter that sorrowful world. Why? Progs do not see any positive in the world, for that would not fuel their cause. Instead of becoming part of a solution to problems, the progs keep wounds open, pour vinegar on them, and find ways to create new wounds. We are all to be enlightened by this. It's their Brave New World.

ace said...

Richard, the more I read your comments the more I am conveinced you are truly an idiot.

samoasoftball said...

ace-conveinced? Maybe you are right. I am not smart enough to know this word. You CONVINCED me.

Mychal "Rambo" Evenson said...

You are so right on the housing. I couldn't believe the prices I saw when I came home. Just two years ago I paid 155,000 for my 1700 sq ft 4 bed 2 bath in gresham. Todays market price maybe 170,000. I got it low as a fixer. but here it would be almost double and no paying jobs to afford it. Thats why I moved away.

Anonymous said...

Vote for , Rose and all the 56 other names she calls herself .

Anonymous said...

Buzz Webb was the former Student Affairs Vice President at HSU from around 1980-2000.

Anonymous said...

Richard, if only your weight gave some sort of indication of your IQ...

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I think you proggies would support a turd if it would bark your party line

one would think that the trick is getting the turd to bark in the first place.

Richard, the more I read your comments the more I am conveinced you are truly an idiot.

Ace is probably upset because eating all that paste in Kindergarten might be affecting his ability to spell.

Best of luck to Shane, and public servants do not have to own a home, or run a business to be qualified for a seat on the council.

Anonymous said...

Um, Stephen Davies is a Democrat. He quit the Greens (and with people like Kaitlin running it into the ground, I can see why).

Anonymous said...

So, from this, I conclude that no one at samoasoftball gives a fig for the fate of Ferndale's City Council or the citizens of Ferndale, either.

Anonymous said...

Kaitlin is a Green, in fact she was the Secretary of the Eureka Greens -- before she and her boyfriend David Cobb voted to dissolve all the Green locals and take their money, that is.

samoasoftball said...

2:03-I am wondering how Leonardo and Farley are able to get elected in the fine progressive town of Ferndale.

Anonymous said...

Richard has an IQ of 478??

Anonymous said...

Richard is not dumb. IQ of about 108/12, about average. He is however stupid if he thinks his proggy pals give a rats ass about him,workers,wages or anything but their own narrow special agendas. Neelly over Marks makes sence to me. She got so many into the union.

samoasoftball said...

3:59pm-112 IQ? People close to me know. You would be surprised. I was.

Bonnie Neely is not up for election. She has my respect for her work on the BOS. I have told her that myself. We have disagreed on some issues. I do not feel that the BOS position should be a lifelong career job. I have expressed that more than once. But I do think she has done a commendable job overall.

I will most likely be challenging her position in 2010. Or not. Depends who are the others out there.

Rose said...

Well, then you'll find out if you really are a "Progressive" or not - see if they support you.

Anyways, you might wanna check that median price thing, the number I was quoted was significantly lower than that - and there are a bunch of houses under $200,000 for the first time in a long long time.

Buyer's market actually, the slump won't last forever.

Anonymous said...

You can own for 40,000$ right now. Up to 90,000 will get a real nice mobile or modular. You could buy a dump for 140,000$ and fix it up. Or you can continue to let the radical progs keep prices high with stupid unnecessary regulations,unattainable restrictions and a hand out mentality designed to put us in in fill cubicals and keep our vote beholden to their complete control. Richard you bitch about workers that won't do over time,won't show up on time or can't pass the drug tests,so why are you willing to listen to snivelers. Work for what you want.Even if you sell your last shred of morals these progs will never let you into the seat of power.

Anonymous said...

The Clark/Atkins website includes, among many ideas, "Implementing a Civilian Review Board."

Eureka's recent experience shows we have a small number of fanatically dedicated cop-haters here. They proved it with their posts on local blogs.

Establishing "Civilian Review Board" could easily become an invitation for local cop-haters to falsify cases against officers of the Eureka Police Department. It might help cop-haters gain notoriety in their own peer groups, but it would not enhance justice for Eurekans.

Anonymous said...

By the way, when I write about "cop-haters" I am not including people who hate police misconduct. All good citizens hate police misconduct.

samoasoftball said...

OK Rose. I checked again. The latest median price is Humboldt in $303,500. Humboldt Association of Realtors.

What information source do you have to refute my statement?

Anonymous said...

Both Rose and Richard don't seem to understand what the word "median" means. Funny to watch two morons duke it out though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the median update, Richard. That is helpful.

Does anybody care about the "average" price anymore? I wonder if the math whizzes here would explain if there is any reason not to pay attention to the average sales price of homes?

Art said...

Average sale price is typically higher than the median sale price in Humboldt County. With such a small statistical database, the average sale price can be skewed upward by a few sales of very expensive homes. Through the first 8 months of 2008, the average sale price in the Eureka area was just over $301,000; however, the median sale price was $279,900. This varies from community to community. McKinleyville had the biggest gain in values from 2000 through 2006, and it has also had the biggest decrease in values over the last two and one-half years. There are many foreclosure properties out there right now, and thus many opportunities for savvy buyers.
For instance, there was a sale that just closed in McKinleyville yesterday for $246,000. This was a 6 year old house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, 1,384 square feet with a double garage. The bottom line is, if you want to buy a house, there are some deals out there and if you look hard enough you can find one. Also, since the Feds took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yesterday, interest rates have already dropped, and the news reports said that they expect the rates to drop back down under 6% soon. Anybody need to refinance? Now might be the time.

samoasoftball said...

Art: Thank you for that information! Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you need to correct this blog entry. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap is NOT a Green.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you need to correct this blog entry. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap is NOT a Democrat, she is a Green.