Friday, February 22, 2008

Lenny Escarda.

Leonard Escarda The Eureka Reporter For a few years I was fortunate to talk with Lenny at Cal Courts about politics and softball. He seemly was "invincible" during his marathon workouts. And that includes this last period he was fighting cancer. He was a good man who ran the race well. I hope he is ripping line drives to the gaps for doubles in that never ending ball game upstairs! RIP.


Anonymous said...

One tuff likeable man sorry to see him go.

Jennifer Savage said...

He's the father of one of my best friends. What an amazing man – and what a wonderful family. We should all have such strength and love in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Richard and Jennifer,

He was my HS counselor at Mack High and the one person you really wanted to help with college admissions there.

Moreover, he was an absolutely nice person and an a pleasure to visit with.

Mike Harvey