Monday, February 11, 2008

Arcata sweeps Eureka in BB for 2008!

Arcata beat Eureka 70-67 in front of a huge crowd at Eureka. Wow! What a rowdy game! These two teams are really well matched. Greg Allen just played out of mind in the 4th Quarter. With about 2:00 left in the game, Greg stole the ball and drove the ball to the hoop on fellow Junior Tim Couch and went over the top of him for a slam dunk! Then Tim one upped him with about 1:30 left by cutting off Greg’s lane for a charge.(Samoa resident Couch had 14 points in the 2nd Quarter alone.) Just a really aggressive game. Scott Rotherham and Rollin Trehearne did a credible job in referring this fiasco. The only real controversy was the warnings on both “6th” man crews in the stands. I have picked on the Arcata “6th” man crew in the past, but they were on good behavior tonight. Both teams should have learned by this time of the year that free throws are important. Both did not shoot them well in the 4th.

Greg Allen is the best player in the county. But you can’t expect him win a game like this on his own. But he almost did.

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