Sunday, February 03, 2008

Did you take my advice on the Giants covering the spread? Giants 17-14!

If you did, send me some loving in the form of cash! I was fortunate to win my fair share in the form of 3 figures (Ok, in the 1 dollar increment) and made 10X more than I invested.

Following tradition, Robin and I went to my buddy Doug's house to watch the big game. There was Tri Tip, chicken wings, hot sausage, shrimp, tortillas, three kinds of bean dip by Linda, veggie treys, mini corn dogs, poppers, salsa, every kind of chips and dips, breads, sodas, wine and tons of Coors Light and Millers High Life. People from age around 5 to 70's. Good time. One of my buddies of nearly 40 years pulled his pants down to show off his red shorts that said "Hot Stuff" and then proceded to moon the older of the crowd at the time. Yep, I am just a real Humboldt County Okie. And I like it.


The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I wrote this stuff on Eric's blog, but I should write it here.

OF COURSE the Giants were going to cover the spread. People in Vegas must have thought the Pats were going to start rolling again. They have had to win close games for many weeks now. They are an older squad, and by this time in the season, even the mighty Patriots were a little gassed. I joked that any team not called the Raiders should have covered that spread.

That being said... they were the hands down favorite to win the close game. The defensive call on that last NY touchdown was costly. Burress should not have been covered by only Hobbs. A safety should have been roaming to that side of the field. Great game nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

So you and Doug kissed and made up. How sweet. Last I heard he was pissed off at your wife.

EkoVox said...

Yep, I am just a real Humboldt County Okie. And I like it.

Amen, Brother!

NachoFest at our humble abode.

Eric V. Kirk said...

It was a fun game to watch. One of my favorite super bowls.

samoasoftball said...

Boy-Did you make big buck on the game? I was almost willing to bet the house that my beloved 49ers would "not" cover their huge spread over the Chargers in 1994. Would have lost everything as Steve Young went nuts. Whew. This one though, I agree. Seemed more clear cut.